Efdemin Biogrpahy

Efdemin (born 1974 in Kassel, Germany as Phillip Sollmann) is equally at home in very different circles. In the world of art as much as in the techno realm, and he does the splits effortlessly and without overstretching it. Due to his output and particularly his constant and remarkable DJ presence he surely is one of the most independent, versatile and inspiring characters in today’s club scene.

Having come a long way from the character defining Hamburg (with the cornerstones that are the Golden Pudel club and his DIAL family) via a university stay at Vienna (music and performing arts) Efdemin has been a mainstay during the days and nights at Berghain since his arrival in Berlin around 2005. He runs the record label naïf and works as a sound and visual artist under his given name Phillip Sollmann.

Posts in which it appears:

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