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Owner of the vinyl platform Orbe Records, Fernando Sanz aka ORBE, started very tied to the breaks scene more underground in a southern Spain town (Algeciras) with only 14 years.
His interest on a conceptual sound made him pay attention to the techno rhythms, getting through different hardware such as \”Buchla Lem3\” or \”Andromeda\” a style that has led him to edit on stamps as \”Hivern discs\” of \” John Talabot \”or the prestigious and veteran\” Mental Groove \”and go through great clubs like Propaganda (Moscow), Fuse (Brussels), Le Sucre (Lyon) or Fabrique (Milan).
After releasing several maxis on his own label and others as \”Analog Solutions\” of \”Eduardo de la Calle\”, Fernando launches the Ep \”Music of the spheres\” that, with a remix of \”Steve Stoll\” would place him as one of the artists emerging from the European techno scene, beginning to act in places like Germany, Holland or Lithuania among others.
At the beginning of 2016, he released his first LP \”Kepler 438\” on Shlomi Aber\’s label \”Be as One\” and began to receive feedbacks from artists such as Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan and Rodhad among others.
And it was to be in mid-2017, when the Spaniard released his second long \”Interplant\” on his label \”Orbe records\”, a triple vinyl influenced by artists such as \”Aphex Twin\” or \”Boards of Canada\”, with a more conceptual sound and ambient, where he mixes breaks, techno and even jungle, and where he receives very good reviews from magazines such as Tsugi (France), Faze Mag (Germany) or Rumore (Italy).
Fernando has started 2018 editing a maxi on the label of Eric Cloutier (Palinoia) \”Laser\’s Worldwar\” being received by Resident Advisor with very good acceptance and getting a fantastic review. 

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