Florian Meindl Biography

Florian Meindl is a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist, who is renowned for his technical prowess. Producing for over 15 years, Florian has become known for his diverse, powerful Techno productions, live performances and DJ sets.
2006 saw the inception of Florian’s label FLASH Recordings. The imprint showcases Florian’s musical vision, reflects his taste and gives him tracks for his DJ Mixes. A platform for artists that Florian likes, FLASH has had over 180 releases already including tracks and remixes from Radio Slave, Sigha, Stephan Bodzin, Lucy, Subjected, Jusai, Jamie Anderson, Flug, STRISC., Avgusto, Black Lotus, Twr72, Anml Mthr…
In May 2017 Florian released his third solo album ‘Time Illusion’ to critical acclaim. The album was clearly influenced by Florian’s full analog live production without any computer. The technical aspect is integral to Florian’s musical journey that he takes the listener on. His talent lies in enabling the machines to speak and groove, to connect with them and create sounds and patterns.
February 2019 is the release date of his 4th album \”Nonlinear Times\” which is another sonic proof of Florian being able to become one with his studio. This time merging analog sound creation with digital techniques to combine the best of both worlds.
Florian\’s countless gigs, which are mostly a combination of playing live and Djing, have become an extraordinary experience by continually pushing the boundaries of combining true live performance on the modular synth with DJing. A unique raw energy and response to the audience marks the signature sound of his performance.
His live appearance for Boiler Room TV in Funkhaus Berlin 2018 with 3 modular synth live performers, who never met before, marked another milestone in his career as a live act and showcased his ability to improvise on electronic instruments in an exciting live jamsession.
As a DJ, live performer, studio producer and sound designer, Florian has over the years established an impressive producing base for himself in his Berlin based Riverside Studio complex with an exciting hardware set up including Modular Systems, an analog mixing desk as well as classic machines like Roland 909, letting them speak for him in music where words just aren’t possible.

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