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OTHR is Georgian DJ and Producer, Ladouka Ninua’s project. He started the project back in 2016 and shortly after became the resident Dj of the club KHIDI. OTHR’s music is diverse and fully represents the artist’s musical background. In his music shoegaze and post punk have deep roots and influence. OTHR has emotional and sound resemblance with Ladouka’s current band project, NVRC. OTHR has released his debut track on the KHIDI label and it will be out in spring, 2020. Music has always been a part of Ladouka’s life: As a teenager, he started playing on the bass in the bands. 

It was in 2014 when he got interested in the electronic music and started a due project, OIMACTTA. With this project he released two Eps and won the local electronic award for the best EP album and the best live act. Soon after OTHR, Ladouka started his side-project, Sevda, first as an anonymous artist, releasing the tracks and gaining support from the listeners. With this particular project, Sevda is also a resident Dj of the club KHIDI/G2.

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Tbilisi club KHIDI launches new label with a various artist EP featuring residents Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, OTHR and Roman.

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