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Sarin is the electronic music & multimedia performance project of Emad Dabiri, hailing from Toronto, Canada and based in Berlin. He has released over a dozen vinyls & cassettes since 2014 and under his multiple collaborative projects since transitioning from a purely audio/video art background. Most recently, he is releasing his debut album Moral Cleansing on BITE following his two EPs on the label previously. Other releases have formerly spanned across labels such as Aufnahme + Wiedergabe, X-IMG, B.F.E. Records, Veleno Viola, Khemia Records, and Total Black. Sarin is also part of the collaborative projects Nostromo & Human Performance Lab and also the founder of the X-IMG cassette and a/v platform. His sound can be described as a blend of abrasive drum programming & brutally minimal bass lines paired with dystopian cut-up style sampling of media detritus, invoking spirits of militant body techno fetishists of before, while also balanced out by his precise methods of classic grooves and melodies. His DJ & live sets have taken him across the globe from the Balkans to Asia and Europe to South America.

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