Demian Licht Biography.

From Mexico City\’s vibrant, heady underground dance scene Demian Licht emerged in 2016 as an electrifying new voice in techno with the self-released debut Female Criminals Vol. 1 through her label Motus Records. A brooding, fiercely intellectual, floor-orientated call to feminist arms. Her well-received Female Criminals Ep’s Trilogy alongside her cinematic live performances & A/ V shows positioned herself within the international music scene coinciding with Demian\’s qualification as an Ableton Certified Trainer, making her the first (and as yet only) woman in Latin America to hold such certification.

She had also released music on Eotrax & Phantom Limb. On July 17th she will release her debut album ‘Die Kraft’.

She is recently based in Berlin.


Demian Licht self-produced debut album entitled \’Die Kraft\’ to be out on Motus Records in July.

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