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Amnesia Scanner is the Berlin-based Finnish duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. Founded in 2014, the group\’s scope encompasses music writing, production, and performance, as well as its creative staging and circulation. Characterized by a deep fascination with system vulnerabilities, informational overload, and sensory excess, Amnesia Scanner carnivalizes the present. At the core of their work is an interest in how the contemporary experience is mediated, including the ways in which listening to music and live performance is evolving as streaming platforms become dominant and the feedback channels between artists and fans become more direct. Building on their 2014 mixtape AS Live [][][][][], Amnesia Scanner interlaced a data-rich mesh of grime, trap, and rave with a machinic narrator for their critically acclaimed 2015 audio play Angels Rig Hook. Soon after, the AS world to include Lexachast, their cyberdrome audio-visual project with artist Harm van den Dorpel and Bill Kouligas (founder of PAN) powered by algorithms trained on banal Flickr image caches and NSFW DeviantArt. Back in the realm of pure Amnesia Scanner, two EPs for Young Turks (AS and AS Truth) arrived in 2017, distilling the immersive environments for which the duo was becoming increasingly known into an abrasive collection of dark rave tools. The disembodied vocalist of Angels Rig Hook returned in modified form as “Oracle” on Another Life (2018, PAN), the duo’s first LP, which coupled pop song structures with avant-EDM for an album that swings from lullabies to overheated doombahton and nu-metal-gabba. Now Amnesia Scanner releases its second full-length album, “Tearless”, “a breakup record with the planet” that sonically and melodically expands their oeuvre of signature overclocked pop. Both brooding and rapturous, the record finds Lalita, LYZZA, and Code Orange joining Amnesia Scanner in composing the borderless soundtrack to looming collapse. Amnesia Scanner has performed across a wide range of venues and settings, from the massive Roskilde Festival in Denmark to Berlin’s Berghain to London’s Serpentine Galleries. For their design and visual direction, they collaborate with PWR. Ville Haimala, independently, has also written and produced music for and with David Byrne, FKA Twigs, Holly Herndon and Anne Imhof among other artists. Beyond his work with Amnesia Scanner Martti Kalliala is an architect, cultural critic and co-founder of the creative think tank Nemesis.

Amnesia Scanner announce the impending release of their new album on PAN \’Tearless\’ + new video

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