Grey Report\'s delivering a strong package of proper techno, this time from Takaaki Itoh and Adriana Lopez.

As we\’re saying, the exclusive techno label \”Grey Report\”, established in 2012; has just deliver a strong package of proper techno; this is all madness, but you will love it, the latest release is \”Gray Report 04\” this time with two of the most strongest and heavier material, Takaaki Itoh and Adriana Lopez. 

a very interesting exposure of techno music comes when two master minds of darkness come together. For the upcoming release, Grey Report is featuring Adriana Lopez, the Colombia-born, Barcelona-based DJ, producer, label owner and sound technician whose career date back to the late 1990s and Takaaki Itoh, a big name and definitely one of the openers to the world of underground music in Japan, both of them joins  in a very sick and heavy EP composed of four tracks of another level.

the release date for this master piece was confirmed to be on August 18th (Physical) and September 30th (Digital), 2014; tomorrow we start with august, so we\’re almost there, and definitely this a release you must get! if you can handle it of course. The first Track of the EP is \”Finder\” since you hit the play button, starts a heavy, dark sound, very typical of Japanese DJ and producer takaaki itoh, the track is a total of six minutes, and I assure you that if you love heavy techno, you will enjoy this strong package of proper techno, because the second track \”Blower\”; its true that this track has a very diferent introduction; but is just that, the tune just gets darker and slower, literaly a mind blower. HELL YEAH!

In the next part of this EP, it is time for Adriana Lopez to show her talent to produce high quality and heavy ass techno, we are sure that her music is becoming one of the biggest promises of this kind in South America. The third track is \”Between Thoughts\”, the perfect introduction of what Adriana Lopez made in his tracks, a lot of energy and a strong groove is the number one characteristic of this track, the perfect tune for the dancefloor, and we mean, to get lost in the dancefloor, groovy hard ass techno! But the party doesnt end there, the last track of this EP is \”Metodo\”, when we think Adriana Lopez cant get stronger, she release this bomb! we\’re thinking one of the biggest tracks of the year, a lot of power and a very fine sound, this is the kind of music we all techno lovers want.  

The EP is getting the support of Big artists like Slam, Cosmic TRG, Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin, Speedy J, Eric Cloutir and many more…. we almost never do this but this release deserves a big number ten.

Review: 10/10 Release date: August 18th (Physical), September 30th (Digital), 2014.

Artists. Takaaki Itoh / Adriana Lopez
Title. Grey Report 04
Label. Grey Report
Format. Vinyl & Digital
Cat.Number. GR04V
Release Date. August 18th (Physical), September 30th (Digital), 2014
Distribution. Triple Vision


A1. Takaaki Itoh – Finder
A2. Takaaki Itoh – Blower
B1. Adriana Lopez – Between Thoughts
B2. Adriana Lopez – Método

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