REVIEW: Kolon:Trax hit their first release featuring Alexi Delano, Tadeo and Franck Valat.

Alexi Delano – Magnetic Lush EP – Kolon:Trax: Founded as a techno and house label from somewhere in Europe, run by experienced producers and label owners, \”Kolon:Trax\” is just venturing in the world of techno releases, and what a debut by including some big names in the sheet. \”First release on Kolon:Trax comes from Chilean born, Swedish raised and New York adopted artist: ALEXI DELANO and features remixes from the amazing space techno man, the Spanish: TADEO and Paris based upcoming talent Franck Valat! This release is for you if you like techno with grooves.\” 

it results very interesting, the combination between shiny minimalism and dark vivacious techno that best describes Alexi Delano, and the strong power that Tadeo\’s sound bring in every track he\’s involved, plus a bonus remix from the Paris based upcoming talent Fran
ck Valat. Been Alexi a man who seems to be made of music and Tadeo a master of techno perfection this EP is the bomb.

The ep consists of two great tracks including a remix each. Tadeo injects a darker sound than the original piece, the other track features Franck Valat new sound, a very nice and interesting sticky techno background. There\’s no wonder why is included a remix from him in this debut release. Talking a little more about Valat\’s talent, we can share this words \”Franck Valat plays Live or as a Dj since the late 90\’s and add a string to his bow few years later by the way of production.He produces music because he loves it. And his productions naturally reflect the large variety of his musical roots.His aim is to discover and explore different colours and ambiances, and that’s the reason why he often works on different projects with different people. Want to know more ? Listening to his music is the best way to get your questions answered.\” 

The first Track is Magnetic Lush (Original mix), the tune begins with low bumps and goes slowly generating a very deep and dark sound to remain in trance, and not wanting to leave. you just follow this track and you love it. and in the orher side there is Lush Technique (Original Mix), This was definitely our favorite track, contains attractive and soothing sounds, a slow, gentle pace, and for a very sexy hip movement, very nice work there. 

Review: 8.5/10 Release date: 18th August, 2014

About Kolon:Trax label:Kolon:Trax is a no-nonsense label releasing techno and house on limited vinyl. We are a techno and house label from somewhere in Europe, run by experienced producers and label owners. The team behind the label stays in the background, we let the music speak for itself. We release music on vinyl because we love the sound of vinyl. If you don\’t own a recordplayer, get the music from Bandcamp. When you buy the vinyl you get the digital release for free!

Artists. Alexi Delano
Label. Kolon:Trax
Remixers. Tadeo, Franck Valat
Title. Magnetic Lush
Format. Vinyl, Digital
Cat.Number. Kolon:Trax001
Release Date. 18th August, 2014
Distribution., Bandcamp

A1. Magnetic Lush (Tadeo Remix)
A2. Magnetic Lush
B1. Lush Technique

B2. Lush Technique (Franck Valat Remix)

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