Unique Community\'s sixth release by Seph "Dinama EP" Features deluxe remixes by Sasha Carassi, Knobs and Mekas.

With a fairly and defined sound inclined to Dub, the dj and producer from Buenos Aires, Seph, has included in his latest release on Unique Community Label  \”Dinama EP\” a mix of modern techno with a background quite relaxed but moved, this amazing EP is going to be available in all digital stores on April 9th, 2014 and features some great remixes by Sasha Carassi, Mekas and Knobs…

Release Info:

Dinama EP is the name of Unique Community\’s sixth release, feauturing the prolific producer Seph and deluxe remixes by Sasha Carassi, Knobs and Mekas.

The original track is a piece of high end dub techno, it reflects the analogue and modern sound that characterizes Seph\’s productions and is a highlight from his latest live performances. Through dark passages and a melody that alines all senses, the cut takes the listener through an introspective trip where the artist and the dancefloor connect perfectly.

Each remixer reinterprets the sounds of Dinama into different directions. While Sasha Carassi pushes the sounds into an explosive techno track, Knobs recreates it with a more deep and sensual vibe. Mekas, Seph\’s colleague and musical ally at Aula Magna Records, invents a fresh and potent groove, reconfiguring the parts into a sound that is more distorted but transparent.

Artists. Seph
Remixers. Sasha Carassi, Mekas, Knobs
Label. Unique Community
Title. Dinama EP
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. UNQ006
Release Date. April 9th, 2014
Distribution. Beatport 


01. Dinama
02. Dinama (Sasha Carassi Remix)
03. Dinama (Mekas Remix)
04. Dinama (Knobs Remix)

Listen some previews: (More coming soon)

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