Review: Nicole Moudaber\'s new EP on Intec Digital brings madness

After having some acces to the latest and one of the most impressive releases on Intec Digital this year, we wanted to share some good stuff that is about to release on 27th January, \”On Day Later\” its the name of the new EP, and its on fire. Featuring two very sick tracks, a combination between heavy and dark sounds seizes the release. No doubt this is a sign of the current level that Nicole is unfolding, always with a strong touch, deep backgrounds and futuristic shimmering synths, the perfect accompaniment to dance, techno heavy but tasty, this is the label Moudaber is hitting with her current talented tracks, more information below… 

Review: 8.5/10 

Having started 2013 with her ‘Roar’ EP,Nicole Moudaber is following as our second equally impressive release in 2014. Being released on 27th January, One Day Later is a two track EP that brings Nicole’s signature sound direct to the dance floor.
Title track ‘One Day Later’ is a thumping main room techno cut whose no holds barred approach delivers a fast paced aural assault. A deep high tempo bass underpins and drives the track forward toward futuristic shimmering synths that release the restrained hedonism of the first part of the track.

‘Parts Unknown’ has more of carnival flair to it and it definitely the more accessible of the two tracks. A subtle rolling rhythm, intricate drum patterns and a chugging bass are effortlessly interwoven to create an air of mysticism that will provide those all important eyes wide shut moments on many a dance-floor.

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