REVIEW: Sweet Nina Kraviz "Mr Jones EP" released on REKIDS.

If you havent heard the latest six-track EP release by Nina Kraviz, you are definitely loosing some good stuff, that its already released on REKIDS records, also giving a lot of techno fans a very good time, thats right \”Mr Jones EP\” its OUT!, keeping with Nina Kraviz\’s style and her own and beautiful vocals, also featuring a very nice and special collaboration with Detroit dub techno producer Luke Hess, this EP is a very nice work and we recommend you to get this material, you wont regret it! Here\’s a quick but very analitic review of what we\’re talking about.

Mr Jones, Living techno just have two words to describe this piece \”cool sound\”, because this track features a very well marked base hanging on to a soft beat and a very repetitive bass dropped in the background, all that combined with acute vocals that gives the entire track a quite nice special touch that will make you move your hip veryy slowly…

Desire, certainly highlights a very gentle rhythm, Nina put it in a sexy way with a soft and deep voice, that surely will keep you in a very groovy and cool environment. this song will gets you!

Remember, not like the rest , this has more energy, more hats and spares to give a darker and energetic pace , it is certainly one of those pumps dancefloor, full of space sounds in the background mixed with drums that will make you lose yourself. In the other hand this EP contains another track called Black White; featuring a collaboration with Luke Hess, this track represent a blend of harmonious between a piece of soft tropical techno , very chill for our taste, but it certainly has something as they say, \”latino\”.

So wrong it\’s a track that charm us, has a beautiful deep voice that make you fall in love with the piece, the techno background and deep atmosphere of this track are insane, very nice one! and the last one, Sheer; will take you to a entire trip, full of background weard sounds, minimalistic rhytms and a very peculiar base line, this track has a very dark and deep techno side, definitely, definitely a 6am track, if you know what i mean. heavy but tasty!

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