Shade Of Drums presents “The Universe EP”.

This is another techno culture, the sound is so pure and heavysynths combined with massive energy rhythms, “The Universe EP\” its a two track masterpiece when we\’re talking about techno.

The first Track of the brilliant EP is called The Universe, and is a precise mixture between dark sounds, heavy bass and serious backgrounds catchy beats that are constantly progressing until the track explodes and creates a perfect rhythm to hit the dancefloor. meanwhile the second track, Day One, presents more melodies and sounds quieter but deeper, a masterpiece for music lovers. A production well crafted in every sense, We really liked this EP and we think it deserves a good review from us. specially when this music have the support of big artist like Billy Nasty, Joseph Capriati, Dubfire, Stephan Bodzin, Markantonio, Pig & Dan, James Zabiela and more.
Review: 9/10
Release Info:
\”The Universe\” EP it\’s a brand new techno Ep on Bass Me Records by artist from Kyiv – Shade Of Drums. Ep consists of two tracks entitled \”Day One\” and \”The Universe\” both tracks has unique character and sounds.
The Universe is 100% techno dancefloor track. It starts with an atmosphere that evolves with synths that move you to the main part of the track where the synth dominates over the whole sound and fills the space with massive energy. Mutating and moving synth continues to lead during the track that traps you with changing beats and percussions. Track exactly features the nature of universe once it started from Big Bang it expanded and filled the emptiness with itself.
Day One is placid track that swing everything around with it\’s highly modulated synths and then bring the dancefloor beat under whole bunch of sound. Many different melodies change in a different order and create the diversity of new undiscovered sound from well-known parts.
Bass Me Records brings us next release that deserves the attention of both – genre-lovers and dance music fans.
Artists: Shade Of Drums
Title: The Universe
Format: Digital
Cat.Number: BASSME10
Label: Bass Me Records
Release Date: August 19th, 2013
Distribution: Symphonic Distribution
01. The Universe
02. Day One
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