BEC lands on Terminal M with a very impressive EP titled ‘Psilocybin Therapy’.

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Review: Opening the EP is the track title ‘Psilocybin Therapy’, a track full of dark energy, abrupt sounds, very warm hi hats and claps, and of course, an harmonious and deep bass line that along with a powerful kick and the perfect sinister vocals, make this a beautiful contundent techno track. Next is the Egbert Remix of this track, which adds on a dark atmosphere like no other. To close the EP is the track ‘Energy’, a beautiful pace that continues with the EP dark style, adding more noisy and raw techno kicks. The EP may make you feel like you need a psilocybin therapy. Nice!

Definitely a special day, One of techno’s brightest contemporary stars, BEC, is not just celebrating her 30 years round the sun, but also releasing her ‘Psilocybin Therapy‘ EP today via Monika Kruse\’s illustrious Terminal M imprint.
The EP has gathered the Support from Victor Ruiz, Nicole Moudaber, Thomas Schumacher, Joyhauser, Ilario Alicante, Tiger Stripes, Sian, Drunken Kong, Marco Faraone, Hollen and more great artists in the circuit. 
Monika Kruse dedicated some words to this release: “I am happy to welcome the talented woman BEC on my label! She delivered two amazing tracks in her very unique style, harder but with a sexy groove and deep melodies. The dutch producer Egbert put his hands on „Psilocybin Therapy“ and gave the track a dark atmosphere, it is hard to say which version is the best. Let’s get high on that music! ” 
Also BEC on her release: “Not only celebrating 30 years round the sun today but my new EP “Psilocybin Therapy” on Monika Kruse label Terminal M. When I first met Monika during a sunrise at Burning Man, we shared a beautiful moment and she left quite an impression on me, thanks for continuously inspiring me with what you do!
Cover Artwork.
Artist. BEC
Title. Psilocybin Theraphy
Label. Terminal M
Type. EP
Remixers. Ebgert
Release date. January 11, 2020
Format. Digital/Vinyl
BEC – Psilocybin Therapy (Original)
BEC – Psilocybin Therapy (Egbert Remix)
BEC – Energy

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