DJ T-1000 unveil new EP ‘The Dirrty Underground’ via Bpitch Berlin.  

Once again, techno legend DJ T-1000 a.k.a Alan Oldham lands on Bpitch Berlin with a 4-track EP titled ‘The Dirrty Underground‘. We highly recommend this piece if you are into classic percussive techno from back in the days, and rhythms that will make you dance, and dance. The EP will be released on July 16, 2021 in Vinyl and Digital formats. Full details below.

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Detroit selector, producer and label owner (Pure Sonik Records) DJ T-1000 lands once again on BPitch Berlin with ‘The Dirrty Underground EP’, a dirty, percussive and pounding back-to-basics techno 4-tracker.
DJ T-1000 a.k.a Alan Oldham is a central fi gure in techno history. Detroit born and based in Berlin, he began his career in the early 90s with Underground Resistance, and is a prolific producer whose music has appeared on many labels including BPitch and Tresor. Behind the scenes, he runs legendary Detroit labels like Generator, Pure Sonik and Detroitrocketscience, and also works as a graphic artist and illustrator, producing iconic cover and merch artworks for Djax-Up-Beats, +8, Transmat and many more.
On ‘The Dirrty Underground EP’ Oldham utilises the timeless techno fundamentals – pummeling hardware percussion, tight loops, and chopped humorous samples, resulting in tracks quite different from his usual fare. ‘Clitfuck’ and ‘Think You Can Handle It’ are a pair of fast and loose hardware jams inspired by Ellen Allien’s recent sets. As the name implies ‘I Love It In My Acid’ is a murky, tunneling acid weapon, and ‘I Fucking Love Berlin’, with its raw, sleazy groove, pays fi tting homage to the Detroit-Berlin axis.
Cover Artwork.

Artist. DJ T-1000
Title. The Dirrty Underground
Label. Bpitch
Release date. July 16, 2021
Format: Vinyl / Digital

1. Clitfuck (6:08)
2. Think You Can Handle It (6:28)
3. I Love It In My Acid (5:47)
4. I Fucking Love Berlin (5:07)

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