Crime as Service arrived on Modularz with a strong LP ‘Solid State’.

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Review: We highly Recommend it. These guys definitely know how to do hypnotic (mental), strong and very energetic techno. This 10-track LP is very attractive, and we can see why it is going out through Modularz, a great label, pioneers in this kind of techno. 

The Spanish dark techno Duo ‘Crime as Service‘ arrives on Modularz presenting a solid LP focused on tough tribal fused Techno tools. The LP titled ‘Solid State’ is consistent with 10 tracks in total as the first 4 to come out on a 4 vinyl sampler the same time as the full digital release.


This is one of those releases that once you get it you play it all the time as you will be eager to mix these tracks with anything as most of the release is focused on hypnotic driving drum programing and highly affective hard grooves. Rock this loud TIP! The album is already OUT. 


Cover Artwork.

Label: Modularz
Artist: Crime as Service
Title: Solid State
Format: Album
Release Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: July 9th, 2021 (Vinyl & Digital)
Cat. No. Modularz50
Distribution: Complete (Vinyl), EPM (Digital)
01. Carbanak
02. Dark Hydrus
03. Data Storm
04. Sandworm Team
05. Algorithm Surrender
06. Cydia
07. Checkm8
08. Graphene´s Dream
09. Impact Team
10. Pegasus
A1 Carbanak
A2 Dark Hydrus
B1 Data Storm
B2 Sandworm Team

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