Phase Fatale & Pablo Bozzi launch their new collaborative alias ‘Soft Crash’ with an EP titled ‘Spritzkrieg’.

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Its precise to announce that Berghain resident Phase Fatale (Ostgut Ton/Hospital Productions) and Pablo Bozzi (half of Imperial Black Unit) will debut a new collaborative alias, Soft Crash, with an genre bending EP titled ‘Spritzkrieg‘ coming via BITE on November 27th. Read below the full story.

Soft Crash is the new music collaboration formed by Hayden Payne, aka Berghain resident Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi of Imperial Black Unit. Combining references such as William S. Burroughs and J.G. Ballard respectively, the project also functions to explore the fetishization of technology and the body and how the line between those is perpetually blurring. Increasingly, humans are reshaped and controlled by modern technology to an abysmal state; meanwhile, this technologically-made music can reinsert some emotion to try to bring back out a romantic sensibility and connection.
Bozzi and Payne, both based in Berlin, have been at the top of the industrial techno and ebm circuit through the last several years and have shared the stage on numerous occasions in their respective projects. As well, Bozzi released his debut solo EP on Phase Fatale’s label BITE earlier this year. But their mutual love for music outside of that sphere is what brought them together to form this alliance. Attempting to throw off the dark and authoritative stereotypes of the current music scene they helped foster, Payne and Bozzi look to their core influences of synthwave, disco, and early techno to carve a new path as italo body music pioneers.
The Spritzkrieg EP presents 3 tracks serving as just a bite of what will follow in their full length album for 2021. Each song serves as a view into the pool of subgeneres that they are exploring: from Frankfurt prototrance and techno to driving italo disco and new beat to drowned out electro on the verge of 90s Warp-alike ambient. Both trained musicians, Soft Crash brings melody back into the fold, creating intelligent, melancholic hooks combined with sensual, pulsating rhythm. It can convey the artists’ emotions in a picturesque way that just words themselves cannot. Music that would fit perfectly in the largest concrete techno halls as well as the sleaziest lab disco nights.
Check out the duo\’s first set as Soft Crash last week on HÖR radio Berlin:
Cover Artwork.
Artist. Soft Crash (Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi)
Title. Spritzkrieg
Format: Vinyl 12”/ Digital
Label: BITE
Cat. No: BITE16.5
Release Date: November 27th, 2020
A1 / 1. Spiritzkrieg
B1 / 2. Haute Surveillance
B2 / 3. Unusual Poses
Pictures by: Arthur Boudet / @arthurbdt_
Written and produced by Hayden Payne & Pablo Bozzi
Cat. No. BITE016.5 – All rights reserved
℗ & © BITE 2020

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