Delinquent Delivery presents ‘Stretching Ohms’ featuring label-head Stephen Mahoney round up five of Dublin’s most prolific producers.

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Review: With ‘Stretching Ohms’, Delinquent Delivery is putting out four new original tracks that perfectly works as a useful techno tool for any DJ’s arsenal. The music contained in this marvelous EP is Dancefloor directed hypnotic techno at its finest. Impressive EP!

Delinquent Delivery will release ‘Stretching Ohms‘ on Vinyl and Digital formats on October 26th, 2020. Stay tuned and scroll down for full details.

The latest record from Delinquent Delivery sees label-head Stephen Mahoney round up five of Dublin’s most prolific producers. Stuey Lyons, Jon Hussey, Jack Jennings, Stephen Mahoney & Rustal have contributed to Stretching Ohms, the fifth release on Delinquent Delivery. Dancefloor directed techno at its finest.
Stuey Lyøns & Jon Hussey have teamed up for A1, a straight-shooting dancefloor oriented techno work. With over forty years of experience between them,Lyøns & Hussey’s expertise is put to work on A1. Dark, pensive and groove-oriented, A1 never deviates too far from its source, making it a useful techno tool for any DJ’s arsenal.
Jack Jennings contribution on A2 is another dancefloor directed number, featuring a dissonant lead married with a swinging percussive section which creates an infectious groove. Jennings’ production style would be synonymous with dark, late night sets, such as those by Marcel Dettmann or Chris Liebling.
Mahoney’s input to Stretching Ohms is B1, a commanding techno banger. Mahoney’s production style is similar to his DJ sets, delicately blending subtle elements throughout B1 while never losing focus of the main driving components. B1’s direct approach makes it perfect for late night sets.
Rustal rounds the record off with B2, a groovy roller which echoes Detroit through and through. Chiming in as the fastest track on the record, Rustal effortlessly balances a funky bassline with a compelling lead, reminiscent of the Belleville Three’s earlier work. B2 marks the end of Stretching Ohms, continuing on the energetic path set out before.
Stretching Ohms delivers high-octane dancefloor driven bangers of the highest quality. Each track differs in style, but combined they all have similar DNA – they’re all made in Dublin. This release highlights the talent that Ireland has to offer to techno globally.
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Label: Delinquent Delivery
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Stretching Ohms
Format: EP
Release Formats: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: October 26th, 2020
Cat. No. DD005
Distribution: Ready Made (Vinyl), Bandcamp (Digital)
01. Stuey Lyøns and Jon Hussey – Stretching Ohms
02. Jack Jennings – Distant Effects
03. Stephen Mahoney – Nefarious Tactics
04. Rustal – Hydropump

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