Julia Bondar release the official video for ‘Inner’.

A couple of months ago we talked about Julia Bondar’s brilliant newly released album entitled ‘Industrial Symphony’.
With this album, Julia Bondar has amazed once again with another show-stopping record that delivers her signature industrial sounds while invoking a level of thought in her listeners that imprints on the soul, demonstrating her innate ability to manipulate her modular system to create ever- evolving musical concepts in new territory.
Below is the new official video of Julia Bonda\’s new track titled \’Inner\’ released on ‘Industrial Symphony’ LP.
The track ‘Inner’, acts as the ultimate subdued outro to round off this intoxicating record. A sombre slow melody plays over a reverberating base drone and gentle chugging rhythm, which is representative of Bondar’s notion that darkness is not necessarily inherently malevolent but rather it emulates the importance of the deepness that lies within us. 

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