Zavoloka new enigmatic album titled ‘Ornament’ puts out 7 entrancing tracks.

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Review: Zavoloka with her most recent installment, her new album titled ‘Ornament’, takes us to another dimension of spectacular soundscapes. Electronics at its finest, a unique genre, a fully independent sound, an enigmatic and all-encompassing display of abstract art and music. those words define this fabulous album. This piece of art demonstrates the future of orchestrated music that goes on without limits of imagination and science fiction, these are seven tracks representing a desire to erase the confinements that traditional creativity upholds. Marvelous.

This release seems to us very interesting and poetic, as our concept of avant-garde electronic music is basically guided by the music that is free from genre-dependent definitions and styles.
For our surprise, Ukranian-born and Berlin-based composer, sound artist, performer, and visual artist Kateryna Zavoloka, who goes by the stage name Zavoloka devotes herself to orchestrating uncompromising experimental music free from genre-dependent definitions and styles. Her works always stem from a very strong conceptual base, unveiling creations that are more than just music, exhibiting deep artistic research and combining traditional and mechanical elements to show the boundlessness of her creative freedom.
From performing tantalising live audio-visual sets and partaking in cross-genre art projects, to delivering several nationally-celebrated albums in Ukraine, co-running the experimental music labels Kvitnu and Prostir with Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra), forming a sci-fi techno band with Fedorenko called Cluster Lizard, and being renowned for visual cover art creations and graphic designs, Zavoloka is well and truly making an indelible imprint in the world of music and art.
Her most recent work has been entitled ‘Ornament’, and is being released via Zavoloka’s own label Prostir, and bears 7 entrancing tracks that delve into her reflection on the symbol of a sonic ornament, a message carrier that dictates a set of harmonious energies dancing through time and space.
The patterns of rhythmic repetition and geometric undertones embroider the symbol of the ornament, enhancing the expression of feeling spirit. High frequencies and low pulsations contrast with slow and fast energies all while maintaining the impeccable curves in the harmonious flow, engaging in the conscious ritual of awareness of pure thoughts to create the unique.
This record traces power into other dimensions, encrypting intent with the ornament, weaving oscillations into the fabric of existence, exploding into the immeasurable.
Zavoloka’s latest record ‘Ornament’ lures us into a deeper level of consciousness in an enigmatic and all-encompassing display of abstract art and music, representing her desire to erase the confinements that traditional creativity upholds.
‘Ornament’ will be released via Prostir on 12” Vinyl and Digital on October 14th, 2020.
Artist: Zavoloka
Title: Ornament
Label: Prostir
Format: LP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: October 14th, 2020
Cat. No. PROSTIR+2
Distribution: Believe Digital, MORR Music
01. Vymir
02. Ornament
03. Vzir
04. Prostir
05. Obriad
06. Tanok
07. Bezmir

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