Umek reworked 90s classic track ‘Calling Earth’ by Yves Deruyter.

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On point, as usual, reworking the mighty sound of the end of the 90s, –the golden era of techno and trance anthems, UMEK and his label (1605) are excited to present a 2020 rework of a \’90s classic track “Calling Earth” by Yves Deruyter

This track “was originally released in early 2000 and was something of an anthem in what some describe as a defining generation of clubbing that laid foundations for the explosion of electronic music in today\’s culture.\”
One of the artists who were prevalent at that time, UMEK has remained one of the most iconic artists in techno culture, and takes pride in reinvigorating the track for a younger generation of clubbers who might not be familiar with the original.
This rework is made with a nostalgic love for the original and pays homage to what made it stand the test of time while also allowing it to stand strong against newer tracks with bigger production due to two decades of technology developments and quality of sound for example.
Punishingly hard with it is thumping kick drum, it\’s instantly got a richness that delivers a whole new level of intensity. With rolling snare fills, grinding bass textures and the originals iconic melody, it leads towards the main breakdown with each unfolding section adding to the building suspense.
For those already familiar with the original, this is a great way to revisit fond memories of years gone by, and for those new to the track… you are in for a treat!
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Yves Deruyter
Title: Calling Earth (UMEK Remix)
Label: 1605
Release Date: Friday 9 October 2020
Format: Digital
CAT#: 1606254
01. Yves Deruyter – Calling Earth (UMEK Remix)

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