Millsart unveils 9 tracks for your mind and soul with the 10th volume of ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’.

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Not anyone has the energy, the intelligence and the unique vision to understand music and arts like Jeff Mills. For Jeff, the future is a powerful creative drive which explains the artist’s ceaseless activity
As it becomes a usual thing, here we have another announce to make about the mighty series by MillsartEvery Dog Has Its Day“. Volume 10 is ready to be released trough Axis Records this month. It’s been a long path since volume 1, and the story it’s getting better and better with every chapter. In the volume 10, expect to listen 9 tracks of pure mind and soul music.
Read below some history about the ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ project telled in words of one and only, Jeff Mills.

“The Every Dog Has Its Day project started back in 2003. It was a way for me to address and create a special type of Electronic Music that I had initiated as far back as 1991 while in the Detroit band and collective Underground Resistance. Then and with my partner Mike Banks, we discovered various ways to create music, not just up-tempo linear dancefloor works, but also a lot more subtle, tranquil constructed arrangements that would work in much needed contrast at the time as it still does today. This was/is the type of Electronic Music that needs to be listened to and felt in the soul. Its purpose was not about control and submission, rather observation and consensus. And with this, honesty is an element in the process. Its music that speaks to who you are, not who you want to be. And if we’re honest, we might get somewhere.
The style of the music is based on the concept of mutuality. It looks for a closer relationship with the listener, where thoughts about reality are whispered into the mind but with no expectation of an answer or reply because one isn’t needed. Every Dog Has Its Day is about thoughts. It is music that doesn’t try to persuade or convince.
Right now, as we wait for the resume buzzer to sound so that we can all return back to our normal schedules and lives, perhaps and subconsciously, it gives some of us a much-needed time to reflect. To think about what is happening, who we are, what are we really doing and saying, what we want and where are we all collectively going. These questions can easily apply in our World of music as well. It’s been said that “there is a time and place for everything”. But it’s also important to note that “no time is the right time”. Yet, things just happen until they don’t”. – Jeff Mills
Axis Records will release ‘Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 10‘ on September 17th, 2020. Buy it: Axis Shop 
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Cover Artwork.


Artist. Millsart
Title. Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 10
Release date. September 17th, 2020
Label. Axis Records
1. The Deuce Theory
2. Burning Spear
3. Every New Beginning
4. Danger Man
5. Crash Goes The Spiral
6. Forever by Starlight
7. Damn That Slade Of Blue
8. The Electric Sermon
9. Axis Identification

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