Techmarine Bottom Feeders unveil a fully immersive 6-track EP ‘ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)’ on Engineroom.

You’re about to hook up with sounds from another galaxy. This music is better known as Experimental, Sci-Fi cinematic and a sort of electro/techno that will please the most refined ears and minds.

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The subaquatic Techmarine Bottom Feeders return with a fully immersive 6-tracker EP titled ‘ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)‘ on Detroit Grand PuBahs’ label, Engineroom.

Techmarine Bottom Feeders (Paris the Black FU from Detroit Grand PuBahs working alongside Luxus Varta) made their debut at the tail-end of 2019 on EPMmusic and have gone on to release a series of EPs, a concept album, ‘Boanerges and The Watery Deep’ and enlisted remixes by AUX88, Cristian Vogel, The Exaltics, The Advent & Zein, Ectomorph and Dadub.
The new EP comes to Engineroom – the label Paris runs with fellow PuBahs artist, Mr O – and comprises Electro workouts, deep experimentalism and Paris’ distinctive vocals across its 5 tracks and soundscaped outro.
Engineroom will release \’ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)\’ on 02 October 2020.
Tracks preview soon…
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Techmarine Bottom Feeders
Title: ke epde ep vol.1 s.o.s.a.d (same old song and dance)
Label: Engineroom
Cat. No: ER11
Format: Digital Download / Streaming
Release date: 02 October 2020
1. s.o.s.a.d.
2. these ekerdest roys
3. com puteri nhumane
4. thal assa thede stroyer
5. com puteri nhumane (children of radiation mix)
6. unkn own = fe ar


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