Exclusive Interview featuring [ Wex 10 ].

Influenced by New Beat and everything related to the underground, [Wex 10] installs a captivating atmosphere during his dj-sets, something that have drove him to play at prestigious venues like Nature One Festival and the Lehmann Club in Stuttgart.

In his productions, music labels such as Combine Audio, Odd Recordings or the Sam Paganini’s label called Jam gave him the chance to share all his talent and his imagination. Several of his tracks are ranked in the Beatport top 100 and are played by artists like Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer or Pan pot in festivals world wide such as Tomorrowland, Love Family Park or Awakenings.

Without a doubt, Guatemala based Delusional crew is very proud to present a guest of this caliber for the 18th installment of their outstanding podcast, and of course, we are happy to do a collab with them to lead out a exclusive and very pleasant interview with a great artist and person.

Listen to the podcast below (at the bottom of the page) , also find our exclusive interview with [ Wex 10 ].

Hi, firstable we want to say thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, we hope you’re good, safe and healthy these days. 

We are going to start this interview asking you from where your artist name [Wex 10] comes from, and if it does have any story behind it?

Thanks a lot for taking time for me. I’m good, safe and my family is healthy, which is the most important. 

About my artist name,[Wex 10], is a phonetic nickname of my last name. 

In what part of the world are you answering this interview?

I’m living in the north of France, near Belgium’s border so I’m answering from my private flat. 

Is that the same place where you spent the last few months? 2020 is definitely a bizarre year for almost everyone in the entire world. How was that experience for you, and how did you keep busy and motivated? 

Yes, I’ve stayed here since March when the quarantine was installed. In fact, the situation was very strange. Get out was strictly prohibited. Only to buy food. Impossible to see my mom, my family. So, I spend my entire time at home, doing nothing honestly. I was totally disappointed because I’ve had many shows booked all around the world. 2019 was a very good year for my producing stuff and was on my way to take a big step in this industry.

Do you feel the lockdown has slowed your progress as an artist, or do you find some positives in all this situation? 

You’ve to be mindly strong to not lose your trust, your confidence because lockdown has slowed my progress like many artists. 

What other hobbies or passions do you have or do besides producing top underground techno music?

I’m interested in personal development, so I’m reading some books and watching videos on YouTube. I’m not passionate, but I’m very curious about anything : nature, politics, economy. And most of all, I love watching football but in the lockdown, there is no sport on TV hahaha 😉 ! 

Besides techno, do you like to play or produce music of other genres?

Not yet but I would like to make some tracks of US Rap, working on dark and strong beat. 

If you could pick any other artist to do a studio session with, who would it be and why?

Without any hesitation, Jennifer Lopez ! No, I’m joking hahaha 😉 Honestly, good question. Actually, I pretty much like : Marco Faraone , Slam , Pfirter , Radio Slave…

Who did you listen to when growing up and do they influence your productions at all today?

Every day i listen to many kinds of music.When I’m in the studio, I spend a lot of time listening to some old classic tracks. I try to bring a creative work with an old school touch.

What do you miss the most about being at the parties and touring?

First, meet new people. I love to discuss and discover many things with new people and it’s better when they come from other countries, other cultures. 

And I love airport life, watching planes in their atmosphere, looking at people traveling. 

Speaking about your podcast recorded exclusively for the Delusional crew in Guatemala, How would you describe your Dj set, and what can the listeners expect from it?

I’ve prepared a techno mix with a captive atmosphere like any set. I like strong and dark techno with deep vibes and hard kick drums. I try to take listeners on this trip. 

Have you ever listened to anything regarding raves in Guatemala or heard someone talk about the country?

Yes, last year I was approached to make a South America tour with a show in Guatemala City.

Last but not least, are you working right now in some project(s) that you can talk a little about? And what news can we expect from you? 

Yes, I’ve many projects in progress because during the lockdown, I was not very productive. Since August, I’m inspirate and I’m working on a new EP and remix. I feel free now to make different styles, sometimes harder, hypnotic or melancholic but always with a big kick drum. 

Thanks again. [ Wex 10 ].

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