The legendary Hypnoskull presents his industrial brand new 7-inch single titled ‘The Trickster’.

Music have roots, and it’s very special, when you got to understood and enjoy those roots. We are talking about this to make a quite good introduction to Hypnoskull, a solo project that was created in 1992 in order to experiment in the area of electronic noise combined with rhythmical structures. 

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Now in 2020, Folgsamkeitfaktor is pleased to present Hypnoskull brand new 7-inch single titled ‘The Trickster’. But before we got on this industrial master production, we should read the very interesting history of this tremendous Hypnoskull’ concept
In the first years of its existence, Hypnoskull was releasing cassettes and tracks on international labels in the so-called cassette network, a widely spread network of independent and experimental musicians and artists who expressed themselves throughout limited tape releases often including artworks, ideas, texts. In 1998, Hypnoskull signed to the German label ant-zen. That is not a coincidence: ant-zen stands for ‘anti-zensur’ (anti-censorship), one of the main starting points of the provocative Hypnoskull project. Patrick Stevens does not limit himself to just producing music as such, albums always include a severe message, a thought-provoking underlying concept text, questions.
The main philosophy: ‘the dance floors, the clubs, the festivals… are staged warzones with a different set of rules – a therapeutic zone where hidden anger and even aggression of both the artists as well as the spectators can be released in a proper, human way. Music as a means to open up the deepest anger inside human beings, letting it out in a way which is not harmful to others\”. A strange symbiosis between the two worlds, Patrick Stevens is a part of the techno and the industrial scene. Techno once being a genre promoting an open, positive mindset, industrial on the other hand being a highly nihilistic, philosophic but pitch black reflection on society. The mix of both musical as well as content wise elements of these genres result in what Hypnoskull is all about. Added to this an explosive mixture of post-war and contemporary western subversive philosophy – in a rather impulsive manner – makes the project what it is today, after 30 years of existence.
\’The Trickster\’ goes from industrial techno monster of the title track on A side, to the slow burning B side track with vocals, an eerily predictive textual dissection on the state of our contemporary societies, written in 2013, rediscovered in an old notebook and recorded in 2020.

B1. The Trickster (Setup) Lyrics:
Fear of a nationwide struggle so deep and steep, like trails of a tank and ten banks go on blank. Dead strike without knives and no stumbling upon stones on the ground. How does this sound?

Holy as in holy not hollow, officer puts my hands in chains, my mind full of stains like never before. Andromeda Nebula forced to hit a black hole like never before. You hear me?

Full feature night on drugs, cardboard images cut out on Mohair rugs, and no one is considered to be the thug. Celebrate your future life as if it is your last one you will ever survive.

Continuously reading the websites full of domestic violence, of the masses bending over and getting raped by some New World Order. Flip over, don’t come any fucking closer.

Insanity markets your marketing and possessed demons of consumerism throw figures at you. What the fuck could you even do?

As matter speaks out on behalf, consider consulting your true self as a moment in time ain’t working so fine. Move over make place for the newest case of tactics in-your-face, what the fuck is ‘race’ anyway?

Truth will be spoken by grown men in black togas, and one thing can’t fail cause everything is for sale. Your heroes bend over like hoes – supposed to raise a cash drain for some hero in some office which is too insane. For words, obviously.

Geological structures in cold war politics – scan your communication in order to create disordered communities. No policies on privacy, it’s that writer’s legacy. Go to your bookstore and buy ‘1984’.

As they beat up opponents and crush down minorities, the masses raise their heads in dangerous glory. Not ashamed by their own history – no, probably simply not aware in their heads of the soil and all the red and the dead.

What the fuck could you even do to stop it, or do you truly want to stop this? Dream on, get a life.

The release sounds extremely massive and crystal clear at the same time. Mastered by not less legendary German techno & EBM figure, Thomas P. Heckmann, the record is ready to smash the floors and, with a collage artwork, hand-made by Patrick Stevens himself, also may take place on a shelf of any authentic vinyl collector. Prepare for this brain-smashing industrial technopunk dual-charge bombshell!
Folkgsamkeitfaktor will release \’The Trickster\’ in Digital & Vinyl formats on September 14th, 2020. Pre Order: Bandcamp
Cover Artwork. 


Artist: Hypnoskull
Title: The Trickster
Label: Folkgsamkeitfaktor
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: September 14th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: September 14th, 2020
Cat. No. FSFR004
Distribution: Ready Made, Bandcamp
01. The Trickster (Setup)
02. You Hear Me (Talk Dilettant Strategies)

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