Amniote Editions readies the 2-part bundle DCX capsule with Tred, Yuri & Internazionale focused on tripped out atmospheric sounds.

Mama Snake‘s Amniote Editions readies the DCX capsule with two beat oriented releases focused on tripped out atmospheric sounds.

The double release is set to be out on October 2nd, featuring Australian artist Tred as Moloch Horridus to release \’Self Guard EP\’ (DCX-4) on vinyl 12” and digital formats. This is his debut EP, and contains four beautiful cuts of electro belters spanning from straight-in-your-face-nobullshit stompers to more meditative moods.
The bundle release also includes a collaborative single by Copenhagen producers Yuri and Internazionale as Parietal Eye & Cantil respectively with two versions of \’Final Destination’ (DCX-6), a mixture of sonic flawless and explorations of sizzling hi-tek sci-fi soundscapes and turbo-driven drum programming. The EP is set to be out digitally exclusive on Bandcamp and including a custom print on mesh.
The artwork is designed and imagined by Amniote household art director and co-founder Rose Marie Johansen.
Amniote Editions will release the DCX capsule on October 2nd. 
DCX capsule
Artists: Moloch Horridus, Parietal Eye & Cantil
Titles: Self Guard EP (DCX-4), Final Destination (DCX-6)
Label: Amniote Editions
Format: 2-part bundle: EP + Single
Release Date: October 2nd, 2020
Cat. No: DCX-4 / DCX-6
DCX-4: Moloch Horridus – Self Guard EP
12” & digital
All tracks written & produced by Tred
A1 Worlds Apart
A2 Internal Error
B1 Echoes Of A Memory
B2 Within This Space
DCX-6: Parietal Eye & Cantil – Final Destination
Mesh print & digital
All tracks written & produced by Yuri & Internazionale
Final Destination
Final Destination (No Destination Remix)

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