Francesco Terranova drops 3 very impressive dark techno originals in his new ‘Sasy In The Dark’ EP. (Incl. Dekeyden remix).

If you have experienced music that makes you travel in space and time without moving, and you liked, i recommend this outstanding rawish and dark techno with deep groovy atmospheres created by the Neapolitan DJ and producer, Francesco Terranova for his fourth EP titled ‘Sasy In The Dark’ to be released in september via EPMmusic.

Starting his career in the mid 1990s, Terranova has been a recurring guest DJ for the Techno collective, Open Mindz crew. Making his EPMmusic debut in 2015 with the ‘Magnetica / Recovery EP’ (EPM41), the relationship has continued with the release of two further EPs, ‘La Terra’ (EPM48) the following year, and ‘Forma Mentis’ (EPM67) in 2018. He has also produced releases for labels including Disjointed Reality, De-Konstrukt, The Zone Records, Bulletdodge and Renesanz.
Returning for 2020, ‘Sasy In The Dark’ features three new Techno tracks from Terranova: ‘Levotus’, where dark bass and atmospherics are contrasted by twinkling bells, the throbbing ‘Electromotive’ like an irresistible call to the dance floor, and ‘Sidermec’ which teases with it’s faintly askew beats.
Also included is an exceptionally powerful remix of ‘Electromotive’ by fellow Italian, Davide Nannini under his Dekeyden alias. Nannini is also no stranger to EPM, being one half of the Basic Frame duo (EPMmusic, Gynoid Audio). Dekeyden is his new solo project, which has already gained him releases on the likes of Planet Rhythm, AWRY and Affekt.
EPMmusic will release \’Sasy In The Dark EP\’ on September 18, 2020.
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Francesco Terranova
Remixer: Dekeyden
Title: Sasy In The Dark EP
Label: EPMmusic
Cat#: EPM85
Format: Digital
Release date: September 18, 2020
1. Levotus
2. Electromotive
3. Electromotive (Dekeyden Remix)
4. Sidermec

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