Sentient State debuts on P. Leone’s label with ‘Welcome To The Sentient State’.

Brooklyn/Queens, New York Record label founded and run by artists P.leone & Caiazzo, E-Missions is ready for another avant-garde techno submission. 

This time, the Brooklyn based Sentient State debuts on P. Leone\’s label with new EP titled \’Welcome To The Sentient State\’, while fine Irish talent Cromby comes correct with a standout remix. As Sentient State, Aaron Seth Vaslow is an avant-garde artist who seamlessly fuses acid, electro, techno and breakbeat into slick and futuristic soundscapes that work both mind and body. He also already released on Source Material and, along with remixer Cromby, appeared on the latest Nerang Recordings VA, which landed late July.
This is an absorbing EP right from the off. \’A System of Cells\’ is a crisp, high speed electro track with snapping hits and far-sighted chords racing through the cosmos. \’Fear Is The Mind Killer\’ is just as kinetic, with a mix of rugged drum programming and warm bass, heavenly pads and urgent snares all making for a new sound that is part techno, part electro.
Remixer Cromby held a six year residency at the legendary Shine in Belfast, has released on Sulta Selects Silver Service, Feel My Bicep and Unknown To The Unknown and is a DJ who tours the world. His version of \’Fear Is The Mind Killer\’ a dreamy ambient track that eventually takes off on dark and tightly woven drums and bass. It\’s eerie yet beautiful and hugely powerful space techno.
Last of all, \’Sentient State\’ is icy cold, with a metallic mix of drums and hits powering you along while majestic and frosted keys ring out into the vast open spaces above. Soothing and emotive yet also hugely dynamic, it\’s a tasteful electro track of the highest order.
E-Missions will release ‘Welcome To The Sentient State’ on 11th September 2020. Soon in Bandcamp.
Cover Artwork. 
Artist: Sentient State
Title: Welcome To The Sentient State
(incl. Cromby Remix)
Label: E-Missions
Release date: 11th September 2020
Cat No: EMS013
Format: Digital
1. Welcome To The Sentient State
2. Fear Is The Mind Killer
3. System Of Cells
4. Fear Is The Mind Killer (Cromby Remix)

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