Lyric Hood returns to M-Plant with two new outstanding tracks ‘Everything/Social Distance’.

With two new tracks filled with original techno music at its finest, Lyric Hood from Floorplan announced her return to M-Plant a year on from her debut solo release last summer.

Lyric joined her father Robert Hood in 2016 to relaunch Floorplan as a duo both on the road and in the studio, collaborating on the ‘Victorious’ album and all subsequent Floorplan releases including last year’s ‘Supernatural’ album for Aus Music and their recent remix of Robyn’s ‘Baby Forgive Me’. In 2017 she stepped into the spotlight alone for a remix of their hit ‘Never Grow Old’ and in 2019 delivered her ‘Nineteen / 11:11’ solo double-header.
Now, Lyric releases ‘Everything/Social Distance’, where she shows us her Techno side and the development of her sound with the deep groove of ‘Everything’ alongside the slamming and appropriately titled ‘Social Distance’. Both tracks are really good, showcasing a very natural path of techno kicks that gives life to a atmosphere of endless energy that anyone would definitely love to feel it in a dancefloor.
Cover Artwork.
Artist: Lyric
Title: ‘Everything/Social Distance’
Label: M-Plant
CAT#: M.PM034
Format: Digital
Release date: July 31, 2020
1. Everything
2. Social Distance

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