Cyan85 unveil his new electronic avant-garde album titled ‘Lucid Intervals’ on VOITAX.

A year has passed since Cyan85 first graced the VOITAX records catalogue with his successful summer debut EP – ‘Bay Of Sampieri’. His dreamy pads, avant-garde take on retro arpeggios and slamming 808 beats have been continuously conquering our ears ever since, making him a
young talent to watch within the electro circuit.

He now returns to the imprint with his very first album, titled ‘Lucid Intervals‘, demonstrating his knack for crafting ambitious pieces to establish himself as a respected producer.
Order (Vinyl) : Bandcamp
The LP aims to explore a variety of dystopian atmospheres and energies throughout nine infectious and carefully crafted tracks that build on electro’s rich heritage without failing to infuse it with Cyan85’s very own remarkable, dreamy electronic signature.
Tracks description. 
‘Low Frequency Phantasy‘ opens up shop with an ode to classic electro. A sturdy broken beat anthem, loaded with dreamy pads, a fierce hook and sleek vox. Sharp, saturated, straight four-to-the-floor rhythms and an aggressive arpeggio riff drives things into a more energetic direction which makes ‘Elektro 0ffens1ve‘ a surefire dance floor weapon.
The aquatic journey continues to unfold with ‘Contamination Ph0nk‘. Funky arpeggios propel the track forward, while the haunting melodies guide the heavy low-end to mysterious corners of what electro has to offer.

Data Lag’ introduces some dub to the party. Conventional electro grooves, stomach curdling subs and a phased out top end. Electro minimalism at its finest.
The flip side reaches for a more emotional approach. ‘Time Elapsed‘ serves up a nice journey with its beautifully crafted pads, soothing melodies and a powerful bass-line as it honours its given name and will stay forever in our head with its timeless elements.
In ‘Early Defects‘ Cyan85 channels his inner Dopplereffekt. Hypnotism served with a side of dark, modulated pads and a sawing bassline that conjures some thrilling atmospheres.
Strangelet Research Lab is a down tempo effort which utilises melancholy pads, downbeat breaks and vocoder magic, to create a very introverted, paranoid journey.
\’Aquasma\’ lightens up the energy before the journey comes closer to its end. Funky, walking basslines provide the foundations for an exploration into the unknown as the evolving melodies cement this track into timelessness.
\’Hylia Echoes\’ closes this powerful album with a short and beautiful number. An essence of grime is brought to the table via the bass stabs only to be eased into infinity as the track closes its doors as mysteriously as it opens.
This album bring avant-garde electro music at its fines, you need to listen to this magnificent piece of production.
VOITAX will release ‘Lucid Intervals‘ on Vinyl 12” + Digital on July 27th, 2020. Pre-order: Bandcamp 
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Cyan85
Title: Lucid Intervals
Catno: VOILP03
Release Date: July 27th, 2020
Format: Vinyl 12” + Digital
Genre: Electronic, Electro
A1. Cyan85 – Low Frequency Phantasy
A2. Cyan85 – Elektro 0ffens1ve
A3. Cyan85 – Contamination Ph0nk
A4. Cyan85 – Data Lag
B1. Cyan85 – Time Elapsed
B2. Cyan85 – Early Defects
B3. Cyan85 – Strangelet Research Lab
B4. Cyan85 – Aquasma
B5. Cyan85 – Hylia Echoes

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