Jokasti reveal new fabulous techno 10-track LP, ‘Silver Lining’.

Let’s meet Jokasti,  a fantastic producer from Kalamata, Greece. She started off as a vocalist and soon developed an interest in drum machines and synthesizers. Also she is one half of Jokasti & Nek with plenty vinyl releases on many respected techno labels such as MORD, Prodigal Son, KRLF, Green Fetish Records, Mindtrip, to name a few.

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Now, she presents her new ‘Silver Lining LP‘ on London label Prodigal Son. The release comes with 10 new original tracks that represent Jokasti\’s modern view of techno, with sounds you can\’t even imagine, sinister vocals, and of course, heavy rhythms with smooth hypnotic melodies. You have to listen to it.
Jokasti says: “Many hours, days, months, years add up to this moment where I am happy to share this album. A collection of tracks that range from peak time dance floor numbers to more experimental sounds and everything in between, with a strong focus on vocals\”
This LP is her first foray as a solo artist, and a debut that shows a grasp of hardware and her own vocal talents that make this record one to watch this year. The breadth of what is on offer in this LP shows the skills of an artist who can make true use of the Album format. From peak time killers to experimental mind benders there is a journey at the heart of this record.
The vocal lead Techno sound offers up some real moments, from heads down Berghain to more melodic riffs and expertly wrought synthwork that will drive a dance floor crazy, if you let it.
Prodigal Son will release \’Silver Lining\’ on July 27th 2020.
Cover Artwork. 
Artist. Jokasti
Title. Silver Lining [LP]
Release Date. July 27th 2020
Label. Prodigal Son
Format. Digital
1 Jokasti – Skotadi
2 Jokasti – This is a subliminal message
3 Jokasti – Time to time
4 Jokasti – Terr Atcha
5 Jokasti – Secret satellites
6 Selofan – Vrachikikloma (Jokasti remix)
7 Jokasti – Silver lining
8 Jokasti – Acheron
9 Jokasti – Regrets
10 Jokasti – Shirley

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