Blush Response presents his forward sonic exploration LP, ‘Reconstitution’.

Berlin based Cuban-American producer and sound designer Joey Blush aka Blush Response announced new album ‘RECONSTITUTION‘, which is a seven-track LP presented as a forward sonic exploration. The release is going out in Cassette and Digital formats on August 31st 2021 via his own MEGASTRUCTURE. Prepare your minds for sonic blastoff with this one. Full details below.

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‘Reconstitution’ is the first of two albums written during the pandemic. The album is a sequel to 2016‘s Reshaper, and it represents another departure in sonic texture for Blush. The seven-track selection flows smoothly into the depths of direct-driving future industrial mechanics. Near breakcore speed beats morph into acidic ambient techno anthemics, shifting seamlessly through styles while retaining Blush‘s signature and ever-evolving sound design.

This is my latest release, and I’m so excited to have this one out. This is a sequel to RESHAPER and the first of two new albums I have arriving imminently.” – Joey Blush aka Blush Response

Artist: Blush Response
Title: Reconstitution
Label: Megastructure
Release Date Digital: August 31st 2021


01. Flow My Tears
02. New Ways to Pray
03. Psyker
04. In the Undercurrent
05. Reconstitution
06. Spiritual Bypass
07. Ereshkigal

Written + Produced 2020-2021 by Joey Blush in Berlin, Germany
Mastered at Dadub Studio
This is Megastructure_ MS005

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