Electrorites ‘MMXXI’  

Review: Electrorites 'MMXXI' handles very well the overdriven textures, analog lead synths, getting very nice unexplored sounds. 6 tracks featuring proper kicks in different levels, heavy and fast mixtures that approaches to industrial, with very interesting dark vigorous and energetic rhythms. Favorite track: Sloth (Bonus Track). Recommended  

Wrath – Gutsy kicks and compelling hi-hats stew up hard to give this track some driving madness. Made of overdriven textures and analog lead synths to make the dancefloor hot.

Envy – Dancers will have an appetite for more once you throw down this cannonball. Vigorous and energetic rhythms make this one unforgettable.

Greed – Craving more hard kicks? This beater will destroy walls and speaker cones. Paving the way for unexplored sounds in dark techno and taking you on a journey to haunt you.

Pride – Giving you all the confidence you need to slay the dancefloor, the ball of fire kicks will grab everyone’s attention, with no mercy.

Wrath (AXKAN Remix) – Twisting and mutilating into something new, the break-beat kicks offer a new flavor to this spine-chilling rendition.

Sloth (Bonus Track) – Chainsaw-like noises, sluggish leads and heavy kicks make this a banger for the books. Drop this when you really want to pound the beats.

This EP will be available in digital format everywhere. It marks the start of a new movement in modern industrial techno. For more information visit: facebook.com/omenrecordings or at our online store at omenrecordings.bandcamp.com.


  1. Wrath
  2. Envy
  3. Greed
  4. Wrath (AXKAN Remix)
  5. Pride
  6. Sloth (Bonus Track)

Release date: August 6, 2021
Label: OMEN Recordings

All original tracks written and produced by Electrorites
Mastered by Black Listed (UK), Remixes by Tim Vitek
Artwork by Peltre

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