Cri Du Coeur is back with a new 2-part vinyl release ‘Erickson’ & ‘Erickson on Acid’ having a solely French lineup for the remixes.

Time to engage with modern techno at its finest. Belgian techno wizard Cri Du Coeur is back with a new 2-part vinyl release on his label Arkham Audiotitled ‘Erickson’ & ‘Erickson on Acid’, to be released simultaneously in digital format and vinyl on the 24th July, 2020. 

In his new release, Cri Du Coeur is showing his francophile roots by having a solely French lineup for the remixes, definitely a selection to enjoy featuring Electric Rescue, [wex 10], Trunkline, Roman Poncet, Umwelt & Zadig.
Following the recent release of his EPs ‘Diaphragm’ and ‘Warning’, and now bringing us the inebriating ‘Erickson’ & ‘Erickson on Acid’, Cri Du Coeur has established that his new alias and freshly-founded but tenacious Arkham Audio label are a force to be reckoned with.
The entrancing yet adrenalizing sound that he has adopted shows that his approach to industrial electronic music knows no boundaries or compromises.
Tracks description. 

The first part of this release features the original mix of ‘Erickson’ by Cri Du Coeur and remixes of the track by Electric Rescue, [ Wex 10 ], and Trunkline. The second part ‘Erickson on Acid’ puts a squelching acid twist on things and features remixes by Roman Poncet, Umwelt, and Zadig.
The original mix of ‘Erickson’ leads with a strong beat and a mixture of industrial sounds that makes for a sublime dark dancefloor track. Electric Rescue follows on with a remix that engages the listener with a terrorising yet intoxicating heavy base- line. Next up is [ Wex 10 ] who enchants us with a bouncy laserbeam rhythm and muffled looping vocals.
Last but not least on the ‘Erickson’ lineup is Trunkline’s remix which delivers an addictive hazy melody and a deep and dirty mechanical synth horn.
Cri Du Coeur plays with tensions in ‘Erickson (on Acid)’, putting the listener into a state of hypnosis with squelching sounds that give the song a raunchy character. We are implored to dance as Roman Poncet’s remix bears layers of lively percussion beats with twangy synth melodies. The mood intensifies once more as Umwelt’s remix features a dark and fuzzy baseline that contrasts with a screeching siren sound creating an ultimate thrilling experience for the listener. Zadig closes off this immense concoction of remixes with a relentless distorted base and scintillating machinelike background noises.
Cri Du Coeur has outdone himself by bringing together such a well-suited selection of artists to create a visceral and magnetizing collection of tracks that showcases his competence in making industrial techno.
Arkham Audio will release both \’Erickson\’ & \’Erickson on Acid\’ simultaneously in digital formats and on vinyl on the 24th July, 2020. 


Cover Artwork.
Label: Arkham Audio
Artist: Cri Du Coeur
Remixers: [wex10], Trunkline, Electric Rescue
 Zadig, Roman Poncet, Umwelt
Title: Erickson / Erickson On Acid
Format: 2xEP
Release Formats: Digital & Vinyl
Release Date Digital: July 24th, 2020
Release Date Vinyl: July 24th, 2020
Cat. No. ARKIO03a, ARKIO03b
Distribution: EPM, Word and Sound
01. Erickson (Original Mix)
02. Erickson (Electric Rescue Remix)
03. Erickson ([wex10] Remix)
04. Erickson (Trunkline Remix)
01. Erickson On Acid (Original Mix)
02. Erickson On Acid (Roman Poncet Remix)
03. Erickson On Acid (Umwelt Remix)
04. Erickson On Acid (Zadig Remix)

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