With a spectacular sound, Michael Klein presents his new 6-track EP entitled ‘You‘. The release got supported by big remixes from Temudo, Dustin Zahn, Cri Du Coeur & Erratum, and will be out this friday december 3rd, 2021 via Arkham Audio. Frankfort native Klein is known for delivering club chuggers that keep feet stomping into the depths of the night, and of course these tracks are not the exception. This definitely is a very recommended release for your techno collection, find full details below.



Part 1
01 Roman Poncet – Crisan
02 Insolate – Locomotive
03 Dustin Zahn – Ejected
04 DJ T-1000 – Modulate
05 CYRK – Eprom One
06 Denise Rabe – Spaceless
07 Luis Flores – Decends
08 J Blofield – Circles
09 Crashguard – Last Of The Phuture
10 K-Ten – Nightwalker

Part 2
01 Drumcell – Dialogue
02 Zadig – Dark Factor
03 Joe Farr – Stock Form
04 Oliver Deutschmann – Anavrin
05 Florian Meindl – Samsara
06 Kaiser – Tribal Battle Lines
07 Madben – Fled in Fear
08 Cri Du Coeur – Twinpeak
09 MARHU – Want It

Label: Arkham Audio
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Arkham Friends Part 1 & 2
Release Date Digital: September 3rd, 2021

Featuring techno tracks at its finest, Arkham Audio announced an upcoming compilation, ‘Arkham Friends Part 1 & 2‘ that is coming out this september 2021. Part 1 is constructed of 10 quality tracks that speak many different tongues of techno, while Part 2 turns up the intensity to the maximum with 9 slamming club ready tracks.

The compilation features music from big players like Roman Poncet, Insolate, Dustin Zahn, DJ T-1000, CYRK, Denise Rabe, Luis Flores, J Blofield, Crashguard, K-Ten, Drumcell, Zadig, Joe Farr, Oliver Deutschmann, Florian Meindl, Kaiser, Madben, Cri Du Coeur & MARHU. Stay tuned and read full details below.