Hemissi lands on Arkham Audio with a new EP, ‘Nuance’.

In our October selected releases is definitely Hemissi‘s new EP titled ‘Nuance‘ that showcases hypnotic dark and driving energetic industrial cuts. The 6-track EP will be released on October 28th, 2022 via Arkham Audio, featuring remixes from Dustin Zahn, Insolate, Cri Du Coeur & Erratum. This is definitely something you need to listen and play. Stay tuned, full details below.

Pre order (Digital): Soon at Bandcamp, Beatport

Born Anouar Hemissi in the south of France, Hemissi was particularly attracted by hip-hop, funk, techno and house and has spent most of his time devoted to his passion for music. He draws inspiration from the likes of Jeff Mills, Ben Sims and Luke Slater and, despite having begun his artist project recently in 2020, has already released on their respective labels, including Symbolism from Ben Sims and Axis Records from Jeff Mills, as well as Mord (Bas Mooy), Olympian (Developer), and Edit Select Records. His new ‘Nuance’ EP will be released via Cri Du Coeur’s Arkham Audio, a forward-thinking techno imprint focusing on dark, heavy, industrial sounds.

The EP starts ‘Arms Open’ with a dark and driving kick, bouncy hat and gritty ambience. The track builds with a reverb-heavy rim and pulsing siren that raises anticipation for a subtle and euphoric climax with synth pads and noise textures. The second track, ‘Morning Light’, is a pulsing industrial cut with an echoing synth sequence, dewy ambient chimes and pitch-modulated sweeps. The energetic title track ‘Nuance’ is the final original for the EP with an arpeggiated synth lead, sharp claps and pumping kick. The three tracks are all subtle and nuanced, reflecting a thoughtful and conscious composition and production.

Each of the three tracks have also been remixed, the first being the Cri du Coeur & Erratum remix of ‘Arms Open’. The track features a much harder, floor-rattling kick, additional bass layers and percussion for a heavier and thumping cut. It also brings in voiceovers from a space exploration mission giving a new context to the ethereal synth pads and sirens. The second remix comes from Dustin Zahn for ‘Morning Light’ and is again a harder mix of the original track. It adds sharp hats, sirens, and raspy modulated noise effects, giving a harsher and heavier sonic. The last remix is Insolate’s reinterpretation of ‘Nuance’, a sped-up version of the track with punch and grit for a more energetic and pumping mix.


  1. Arms Open
  2. Morning Light
  3. Nuance
  4. Arms Open (Cri Du Coeur & Erratum Remix)
  5. Morning Light (Dustin Zahn Remix)
  6. Nuance (Insolate Remix)

Full details below:

Hemissi – Nuance

Hemissi is releasing his dark and driving ‘Nuance’ EP on the Belgian label Arkham Audio Records, featuring remixes from Dustin Zahn, Insolate, Cri Du Coeur & Erratum. Tracklist. Label: Arkham AudioArtist: HemissiRemixers: Dustin Zahn, Insolate,Cri Du Coeur & ErratumTitle: NuanceFormat: EPRelease Formats: DigitalRelease Date: October 28th, 2022Cat. No. Arkio17Distribution: EPM Pre order (Digital): Soon at Bandcamp, Beatport


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