J.Blofeld presents his new nine-track EP titled ’47’.

Meet J.Blofeld, who is presenting his very proper, deeply melodic yet powerful nine-track release titled ‘47‘. The EP is due out January 21st, 2021 via Arkham Audio and it is definitely a recommended one. The project is backed by some titans in the techno scene, as it comes with remixes from Headless Horseman, Mark Broom, CYRK, Kaiser and Cri Du Coeur. Stay tuned, full details below.

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J.Blofeld has been making waves in the underground scene for the past number of years and is now back with another deeply melodic yet powerful nine-track release titled 47. The project is backed by some titans in the techno scene, as it comes with remixes from Headless Horseman, Mark Broom, CYRK, Kaiser and Cri Du Coeur.

It comes under Belgian imprint Arkham Audio for the 11th installment of their ARKIO series. J.Blofeld has previously featured on Arkham Audio, contributing his track ‚Circles‘ to the Arkham Friends Part 1.

Having brought us his beguiling Nador EP last year, this latest release looks to encapsulate his mellifluous take on techno. The opening track, ‚47‘, introduces swarming yet wistful pads with emphatic kicks. The builds have evocative and resonating synths that come across as winding. It comes as a thoughtful yet gyrating beat with icy hats and plenty of drive.

The rework from Headless Horseman comes with his own unique stamp on the track. It reimagines the beats as stand-alone percussions to give them a new dimension. He maintains the emotive synths but brings new darkness with his destructive drum patterns. It kicks into gear halfway through with some darkwave elements.

The Mark Broom remix comes in typical Broom fashion. The legendary British producer has carved out a sound that is synonymous with his name. With plenty of body to shake your hips to and bouncing builds, it‘s a track for big sound systems. His use of claps and crisp snares are enchanting.

The second original track is ‚Batu‘. The production showcases J.Blofeld‘s production talents as it journeys the listener through a soundscape. With delicate and reverberating percussions, he drives the sound of a high-pitched synth through what feels like frozen mountains.

The remix from Berlin-based duo CYRK keeps the soundscape but gives it dense and changing drum patterns. It has rolling, zipping and shimmering sounds with some stabs thrown in for good measure.

The sixth track, but third original production, is ‚Obsidian‘. This cut is a thoughtful and purposeful techno production. It has oscillating synths that sound like counting down timepieces. It has curious beeps, robot bleeps, and the kick drum and hats keep the velocity.

It is remixed by Italian artist Kaiser. The Berlin-based producer is known for bringing out high-octane productions, and this one is no different. He keeps the quizzical nature of the track with the beeps but has added energy to the pacing. It has fast claps, sharp snares, chugging synths and punchy percussions.

The penultimate track, and final original production from J.Blofeld, is ‚Uranus‘. As the name suggests, it has a sci-fi feel but with emphatic builds. It feels like being in a spaceship, launched into space. The beeping and siren-like synths add a sense of alarm; however, it has a momentary blissful release before jumping back in with heavy sounds.

The last remix comes from Cri du Coeur. It has a robotic vocal, steaming synths and destructive percussions. It looks to end the project on a vigorous note as it has plenty of energy and force, a compelling finish to a powerful cut.

The behemoth nine-track 47 will be digitally released under the Arkham Audio label on January 21st, 2021. It is a project not to be missed.

Artist: J.Blofeld
Remixers: Headless Horseman, Mark Broom, CYRK, Kaiser, Cri Du Coeur
Label: Arkham Audio
Title: 47
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: January 21st, 2022
Cat. No. ARKIO11
Distribution: EPM
Domain: http://www.arkham.audio


  1. 47
  2. 47 (Headless Horseman Rework)
  3. 47 (Mark Broom Remix)
  4. Batu
  5. Batu (CYRK Remix)
  6. Obsidian
  7. Obsidian (Kaiser Remix)
  8. Uranus
  9. Uranus (Cri Du Coeur Remix)

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