EPM continues celebrating 20 years of music, and for the special ocation, the label will release a new compilation featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Robert Hood, Regis, The Advent & Zein Ferreira, Carl Finlow, Detroit’s Filthiest, Bryan Chapman, Paul Mac, Arno Vancolen, Eddie Fowlkes, Jon Dixon, DJ 3000, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, W. Jeremy, James Ruskin, Luis Martinez and more.



  1. S-File – Things Have Changed (Mark Broom remix)
  2. Housemeister – Epsilon (Ray Kajioka remix)
  3. S-File – Distance (Albert Salvatierra remix)
  4. Cochise – Radon (Mark Broom Dubplate edit)
  5. S-File – Digital Disorder (Turbo Turbo remix)
  6. Deadwalkman – Intruder (S-File remix)
  7. Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (Paul Mac remix)
  8. David Carretta – Vicious Game 2018 (Mark Broom V2 remix)
  9. Oleg Mass – Tightwerk (S-File remix)
  10. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s D remix)
  11. S-File – Distance (David Carretta remix)
  12. Turbo Turbo – Inner Walls (Dan Curtin remix)
  13. Shadow Dancer – Shake (feat David AKZ – The Hacker remix)
  14. Turbo Turbo – Jack Your House (David Carretta remix)
  15. Mr. Magnetik – Night Wolves (Defekt remix)
  16. S-File – Things Have Changed (Deadwalkman remix)
  17. David Carretta – Machines Invasion (Turbo Turbo remix)
  18. S-File – Digital Disorder (Mark Broom remix)
  19. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Headhunter (Shadow Dancer remix)
  20. Cochise – Radon (Electric Rescue V2 remix)
  21. S-File – Modulate (Kamikaze Space Programme remix)
  22. Shadow Dancer – Breakable (J Tijn remix)
  23. S-File – Restriction (William Arist remix)
  24. David Carretta – Never Control (S-File remix)
  25. Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (Joefarr remix)
  26. S-File – Searchin (Uncertain remix)
  27. Kuroi – Tassei (S-File remix)
  28. Shadow Dancer – Shake (feat David AKZ – Posthuman remix)
  29. S-File – Transmission (Ben Long remix)
  30. Housemeister – Rltyrscue (Paul Mac remix)

Title. We Are GND (Best Remixes 2011-2021)
Label. GND Records
Release Date : July 30th, 2021
Catalog Number GNSAMP026

Pre order vinyl: Bandcamp / Pre-order links

As a continuation of Mark Broom‘s previous releases on Radio Slave’s label Rekids, comes the new LP entitled ‘Fünfzig’, which is going to be finally released this Friday July 23, 2021 in Vinyl and Digital formats.
With a total of 12 fantastic tracks showcasing the various styles of House, Techno & the bits in-between, this album definitely must be in any music collection, as it relies on pleasant avant garde rhythms, finding a place, definitely, as one of the best albums for july. Full details below.


Pre order vinyl: Soon at Bandcamp

Last year, we talked about Ruskin & Broom thrilling EP ‘Basement Jams’, now the saga continues, as Blueprint celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021 and to follow James Ruskin’s ‘Shortcut’ EP (BP058) and ‘Sketch’ (BP059), which saw Ruskin team up with Truncate for the first time, he now returns to one of his regular cohorts and fellow UK techno luminary, Mark Broom with the release of ‘Basement Jams 2’. The upcoming EP is scheduled to be out digitally on June 11, 2021, and in its vinyl format TBA. Stay tuned and find full details below. We recommend this EP.


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Review. With ‘Basement Jams’, James Ruskin and Mark Broom put out four new tracks of techno at its finest. This is the proper way to end the year, with heavyweight basslines, sharp stabs, tough grooves and a high level of funk industrial sounds. Amazing release. 

Blueprint returns with its final release for 2020, which sees label head, James Ruskin once again join forces with long-term collaborator, Mark Broom.