Mark Broom presents a new 8-track LP, ‘100% Juice’.

UK techno legend Mark Broom is ready to release his new ‘100% Juice’ LP on Rekids. The album will come out on April 22, 2022 in Vinyl and Digital formats. Definitely this piece is worth the waiting, 8 tracks filled with dense rhythms, dub techno inspired elements, acid lines and superb drums. Stay tuned, full details below.

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Following the acclaimed ‘Funfzig LP’ on Rekids in 2021, the ‘100 juice album sampler‘, as well as his ‘Mutated Battle Breaks’ series on the techno focussed Rekids Special Projects, Mark Broom returns to Radio Slave’s imprint for his latest full length, ‘100% Juice’, dropping this April.

Title track ‘100% Juice’ leads the charge, barreling forward with phased hats and trippy bleeps, before ‘Slush’ carries the rest of the A-side with dense synths and stereo trickery. ‘Rainbow’ bridge sees muted chords drifting in and out of focus alongside rattling drum programming before ‘Reverse’ mutates dub techno inspired elements with swathes of spacious FX and pitch-perfect processing.

Opening the second disc is the aptly titled ‘Wonky Workout’, which sees hard-hitting kicks meeting freaked out leads, followed by the fast-paced ‘I Want’, which brings crunchy, shuffling percussion and effected vocal samples together to devastating effect. The final side of vinyl is the one-two punch of ‘Boxed In’ and ‘Wiggle Me This’, with the former bringing sharp keys, rumbling low end and glistening pads, while the latter closes out the LP with warped acid lines and crisp drums.

Releasing on labels such as Rekids, M-Plant, and Blueprint, the wildly prolific Broom has consistently been at the forefront of the techno scene for decades with his gritty, groove-based output while, away from the dancefloor, his The Fear Ratio project with James Ruskin continues to win critical acclaim.

Mark Broom ‘100% Juice’ arrives via Rekids on 22nd April 2022.

Artist: Mark Broom
Title: 100% Juice
Label: Rekids
Release date: April 22, 2022
Cat No: REKIDS201
Format: Vinyl / Digital


A1. 100% Juice
A2. Slush
B1. Rainbow Bridge
B2. Reverse
C1. Wonky Workout
C2. I Want
D1. Boxed In
D2. Wiggle Me This

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