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June doesnt seems like it’s going to stop surprising us, that’s for sure, specially when Joaquin Joe Claussell readies the ‘Raw Tones’ LP on Rekids this month. This is the first LP since 2008’s ‘Corresponding Echoes’ on his Sacred Rhythm Music. The new album arrives on Radio Slave’s label showcasing a nine-track excursion through the sound of his exquisitely soulful house music. Definitely a recommended release if you like what is good. Stay tuned, full details below.


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Review: With ‘Worldwide Ravers’, Theo Nasa delivers five originals featuring thrilling Jungle, Rave, and Hardcore sounds, alongside with classic drum kits and emotive chords. The tracks sound really well and the music is so damn interesting that makes me want to dig deeper into Theo Nasa’s discography. Superb EP.


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Review: With ‘Control Your Mind’, Mathias Kaden drops four authentic pieces featuring the finest modern dub techno sounds mixed with electric rollers, hypnotic groovy percussions. The sound of the four new original tracks are perfectly suited to Kaden’s particular touch in music, focusing always in creating a trippy and propulsive banger. Tremendous EP!

Mathias Kaden returns to Rekids with a new four-track EP titled ‘Control Your Mind’, featuring a remix from Marcel Dettmann.


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A producer that definitely stays close with the sound of Chicago, Minneapolis, and of course Detroit, but at the same time innovate that signature of house and techno fusions with plenty kick drums, hypnotic synth tones and soulful jazz grooves, is the prolific producer Jon Hester. Now, this distinctive artist returns to one of Berlins top labels Rekids for the first instalment of his new album titled ‘Converge’. This new eight tracks across four sides of vinyl is something that you need to have in your suitcase. 
Review. Interesting and very delicious modern house and techno release with some of the finest rhythms. Very nice. 


Enigmatic producer RNDTXTR lands on Rekids with a deep techno three tracker EP titled ‘Random EP’. The official release date for this deep techno thriller is set for 11th September 2020 in Vinyl and Digital format. After listening to the whole EP, we can be sure the tracks comes by with a structure of bass, deep sounds and spatial melodies that conclude in a flawless groovy techno that fit perfectly in your mind or in the dancefloor, or even in both a the same time.