RNDTXTR lands on Rekids with a deep techno 3-track EP titled ‘Random EP’.

Enigmatic producer RNDTXTR lands on Rekids with a deep techno three tracker EP titled ‘Random EP’. The official release date for this deep techno thriller is set for 11th September 2020 in Vinyl and Digital format. After listening to the whole EP, we can be sure the tracks comes by with a structure of bass, deep sounds and spatial melodies that conclude in a flawless groovy techno that fit perfectly in your mind or in the dancefloor, or even in both a the same time.

Buy link: Bandcamp
Some tracks just stick with you. They never leave your box, or in this case USB, and I’ve been playing these tracks from RNDTXTR for well over two years. Everywhere from Tokyo to Berlin. These have a universal appeal, being hypnotic and just the right balance between pushy club sounds and spatial melodies” – Radio Slave 
Shrouded in murky atmospherics, ‘RND009’ opens the package with rigorous drums, shuffling shakers, sweeping pads and scintillating synths. ‘RND007 (Dub Mix)’ continues with a similar cantering rhythm as various rattling percussive elements work alongside clever automation for a tracky cut designed to lock listeners into a trance. Concluding matters, ‘RND004’ is the wonkiest number on the package with its syncopated groove and otherworldly melody.
Rekids will release RNDTXTR ‘Random EP’ on 11th September 2020. Buy link: Bandcamp
Cover Artwork.


Title: Random EP
Label: Rekids
Release date: 11th September 2020
Cat No: REKIDS163
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Buy link: Bandcamp
A1 RND009
B1 RND007 (Dub Mix)
B2 RND004

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