Neon Jesus presents new EP titled Basement in the Sky’.

Directly from those -out of limits navigations, let me introduce you to one of most avant-garde musical magicians. With a skillful and proficient hand, Neon Jesus’ mastery over electronic guitar, synthesizers, and drum machines compound effortlessly with his raspy and rugged vocals to coalesce into a truly glorious summation of sound.

Bask in the glory of his seminal EP, with ‘Basement in the Sky’, the debut release from Neon Jesus.
Contrived in the heavens above, Neon Jesus sets out to explore the uncharted boundary between underground dance music and raw, unfettered guitar. An excursion into auditory alchemy, this crossover project sits at the intersection between rough, rugged blues and grit n’ grimy electronica, coalescing perfectly to produce a divine and delectable EP. Guided by the unwavering hands of house music legend Abe Duque, “Basement in the Sky” is a masterful synthesis of unyielding musical potential.
A veteran bluesman himself, Neon Jesus is interested in generating a new version of the genre, finding solace in the experimental nature of electronica. Through fostering a mentor-protégé relationship, Abe Duque has led the way for Neon Jesus, cultivating his bluesy tones to develop a unique and incomparable sound, all coalescing in their novel performance at Berlin’s techno mecca Berghain. Galvanized by the experience, the duo is determined to push boundaries and carve out a new unprecedented path.
Tracks Description.
Launching this colossal endeavour, “Hey Mama” introduces Neon Jesus’ unique sound to unsuspecting ears. As the bassline develops, the listener is treated to a wave of distorted guitar, while acid tones bubble and boil up hinting at something devious lurking behind the opening bars. Raspy vocals interject, as Neon Jesus lets loose on his guitar, demonstrating artistic prowess and musical plasticity, all of which are carried by a familiar thumping electro-bassline, unifying two worlds unknown.
Up next, “Gotcha” solidifies this angelic coupling with ranging atmospheric tones that wed skillfully with electrifying guitar passes innate to Neon Jesus. Powerful and captivating, Neon Jesus enters with looping bass and spanning synths that lock onto the vitality of the track and sends the listener to a euphoric eutopia of musical miscellany. A ravishing union of electronica and rock, “Basement in the Sky” is a mighty undertaking of heavenly decree.
Basement in the Sky” is out on Neon Jesus´s own imprint Kaliman Records on vinyl and digitally on Sept 18th , 2020. 
His debut album “Tabula Rasa” is soon to follow.
Cover Artwork.


Artist: Neon Jesus
Title: Basement In The Sky
Label: Kaliman Records
Format: Vinyl /Digital
Release Date: September 18th, 2020
Cat. No. KAL001
Distribution: Broken Silence
01. Hey Mama
02. Gotcha
03. Hey Mama (Radio Edit)(Digital)
04. Gotcha (Radio Edit)(Digital)
Previews or track premiere soon…

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