Jeroen Search – Alpha Centauri

One of the prolific contemporary techno producers of the time, Jeroen Search, introudces his new 17-track album “Alpha Centauri’ due to this Friday, September 3rd via Jeff Mills label The Escape Velocity / Axis Records.


  1. Main Sequence Star
  2. The Spectral Type
  3. 1100 Solar Masses
  4. 22 Days To Complete The Rotation
  5. Alpha Centauri System
  6. Orbital Radius
  7. One Of The Three Navigational Stars
  8. The Foot Of The Centaur
  9. Third Brightest Point Of Light
  10. Blue Supergiant
  11. Deep Sky Objects
  12. The Observed Minimum Separation
  13. Circumpolar
  14. Nearest Star System To The Sun
  15. A Nuclear Propelled Spacecraft
  16. Interstellar Exploration
  17. 2069 Alpha Centauri Mission

Label: AXIS- The Escape Velocity
Artist: Jeroen Search
Title: Alpha Centauri
Format: Album
Release Format: Digital
Release Date: September 3rd, 2021
Cat. No. ASD041
Distribution: AXIS Shop

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