Tympanum Records fifth release sees an outstanding debut EP from Josh Sturges, titled \'False Gods\'.

Lets meet Tympanum Records, a record label and project situated in Orange County, California, in the USA, ran by EAS, and Josh Sturges, that is described as a passion piece that reflects a hybridization of musical ideals. Raw, animalistic sounds that are also emphasized in a form that can also reflect atmosphere, and environmental design in a diverse spectrum of music. 

Well, the fifth release from the label has finally come. It has been entitled \’False Gods\’, and it showcases the expertise of co-owner Josh Sturges on his debut EP on the imprint. A long time enthusiast and practitioner in dance music, this release lets out an uncompromising, blackened, refined energy from the talented producer. This collection of moody, leftfield grooves is guaranteed to shine in the warehouse, showcase, or exhibit alike.

The EP, consisting of 4 new original tracks, gives us a taste of what contemporary and experimental techno sounds when is mashed up with melodramatic cuts. We loved it.

The first track, By Odin’s Raven, is a complex, thoughtfully crafted beckoning to the ancients, an ominous groove that combines bass-heavy 808’s with a primal style and energy. The industrialized hi-hats combined with foreboding vocals, and howling whistled synths and white noise creates an incantation of focused primordial rage.

Next up is Sacrosanct, a journey that begins with sludgy noise, and empowered drums. The cavernous groove climaxes into an uplifting, angelic atmosphere. A Homeric epic, in dance music form.

The title track, False Gods, follows up, a chaotic, modular noise trip. This tertiary entry emulates a circle in Hell, a cycle of macabre white noise, disgusting, saturated rides, and hardened tribal-esque drums combined with four on the floor power. False Gods is a five and half minute exhibit of Bedlam.

The track How Dare You sends off this EP with a focused resolve, playful yet unyielding. The track’s snappy kicks and hi-hats snakes its way through a flexible, rubbery synth groove. Its ultra-climactic builds that lead back into cool, calm grooves create a sense of simultaneous unease and zen, a fitting conclusion to a chaotic journey.

Josh Sturges’ False Gods is a monumental testament for the Tympanum Records mission, eclectic, focused, uncompromising, chaotic, unified, all in synchronicity. All of these expressions and stylizations create the recipe for purposeful and pure Techno, in its most refined form.

Tympanum Records will release \’False Gods\’ digitally on July 6th 2020. Stay tuned, scroll down for full details. 

Cover Artwork.

Label: Tympanum Records
Artist: Josh Sturges
Title: False Gods
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 6th 2020
Cat. No. TYMPANUM005
Distribution: Ampsuite


01. By Odin‘s Raven
02. Sacrosanct
03. False Gods
04. How Dare You


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