Murky atmospheres and abstract electronics on Thoom\'s debut album \'Pork\' to be out via Career Whore.

Meet some avant-garde music, as the debut album \’Pork\’ from Lebanese-born, Chicago-raised, Berlin-based artist, Thoom

Thoom’s 9-track debut album, Pork, is a reflection on four tumultuous years of transition and rediscovery, and was written across Beirut, Chicago and Berlin, three cities representing her ancestral home, the site of her musical awakening, and a new hope for her future. The album is to be self-released digitally under the label name of Career Whore on August 7th.

In keeping with the constant shapeshifting of the Thoom project, Pork is a departure from her previous releases, replacing breakneck rhythms with abstract electronics, murky atmospheres and a drive towards introspection.

While paranoia and rage are never far beneath the surface, the album is shot through with unexpected shafts of light, bare moments of radical tenderness made all the more striking for the jagged edges all around. For the first time, Thoom prioritises melody, songwriting and the honesty of her own supple voice over rage and electronic noise.

Eat to Taste lays syrupy vocals over mechanised percussion, with lyrics probing the boundary between true love and total suffocation. Sound of a Heavy Stone strikes a gloomier shade, with Thoom using her voice to hark back to legendary Syrian singer Asmahan. 

This release comes out with a Video of the track named \’Shaytan\’ , meaning ‘devil’ in Arabic, this is Thoom’s first love song, its dreamy guitar strumming accompanied by lyrics written in Arabic with her mother.

The video for Shaytan was filmed in the house of Thoom’s grandfather in Beirut, once a gathering place for the neighborhood while her vivacious, musical grandmother was alive, but now a shell of its former glory, where Thoom, a collapsing, libidinal ghost, haunts the halls.

The album is to be self-released digitally under the label name of Career Whore on August 7th.

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. THOOM
Title. PORK
Format: Digital
Label: Career Whore
Cat. No: CW001
Release Date: 07 August 2020 


1. It’s Going to be Ablaze
2. Large Fly
3. Roadkill
4. Eat to Taste
5. Tasted
6. Sound of a Heavy Stone
7. Kitabi
8. Shaytan
9. Re-trace


Album cover photograph by Ellie Brown
Art direction and drawing by Ike Clateman
Logo by Zeynab Marwan and Marwan Kaabour
Design by Zeynab Marwan and Ike Clateman
All songs written by Zeynab Marwan and Chuck Clateman
Large Fly, Eat to Taste and Roadkill co-produced with Ike Clateman
Lyrics by Zeynab Marwan
Lyrics for “Shaytan” by Nazek Sardouk and Zeynab Marwan
Guitar/Computer by Chuck
Computer/Mouth by Zeynab
Mastered by Heba Kadry
Cat. No. CW001 – All rights reserved
℗ & © Career Whore 2020

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