Amniote Editions reveals the label’s third instalment entitled \'+ssRNA\', a 3-part batch release plus a new video.

This announcement is good, really good.

Is about Amniote Editions, a mixed media channel established in 2019 by Copenhagen based DJ Mama Snake and LA based artist Rose Marie Johansen.

This label serves as a platform for different creative content to accompany music as the main output always released as capsules – bundle releases including diverse formats and media collaborations.

The next capsule is the label’s third instalment entitled \’+ssRNA\’ that is going out on June 25th featuring a 3-part batch with contributions by all Copenhagen artists showcasing the sounds of the summer lost in quarantine.

The 3-part batch sees the return of Parietal Eye presenting a techno and breaks inspired EP entitled \’Sentimental Zodiac’ (+ssRNA1) accompanied by a limited edition long sleeve T-shirt; Listen below the track \”Sentimental Zodiac\”. 

Next element on the capsule is a new euphoric trance anthem by newcomer Snog, with his new track entitled \”Move\”, that comes out accompanied by a phenomenal video (+ssRNA6). The video script was created by Danish architect e2. Watch it below. 

Last in capsule, but not least, is the upcoming ambient album by Teiid, the LP has been entitled \”Once Called California\” (+ssRNA10), and comes out accompanied by a poster done in collaboration with Melbourne based artist Camilla Louisa Nicholls. Listen below to the single \”In Her First Sun\” that comes out in this album. 

All artwork created in this batch were created by visual mastermind and Art Director for Amniote Editions Rose Marie Johansen

Amniote Editions will join Bandcamp in donating 100% of all digital sales to NAACP Legal Defense Fund on June 19th. The 3 parts are now available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Full details on the releases mentioned.

Label: Amniote Editions
Format: 3-part bundle: EP + Single + Album
Release Date: June 25th, 2020
Cat. No: +ssRNA1 / +ssRNA6 / +ssRNA10

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. Parietal Eye 
Title. Sentimental Zodiac
Label. Amniote Editions
Release Date: June 25th, 2020
Format. Digital EP + Limited Long Sleeve T-shirt
Love yourself, love your sister.


+ssRNA1.1 Melody For The New Sister
+ssRNA1.2 Sentimental Zodiac
+ssRNA1.3 Spirit Report

+ssRNA1.4 Dream Of Caapi

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. Snog 
Title. Move
Label: Amniote Editions
Release Date: June 25th, 2020
Format. Digital single + Video
I move like I want.


+ssRNA6.1 Move
+ssRNA6.2 Wave Of Awe

Cover Artwork. 

Artist. Teiid 
Title. Once Called California
Label: Amniote Editions
Release Date: June 25th, 2020
Format. Digital album + Poster
A lifetime.


+ssRNA10.1 Hatches In A Wet Cave
+ssRNA10.2 Infant Movements
+ssRNA10.3 In Her First Sun
+ssRNA10.4 Onto Vast Open Spaces
+ssRNA10.5 Reaches An Oasis
+ssRNA10.6 Breeds At The Underground Pools
+ssRNA10.7 Hunts Through Time
+ssRNA10.8 In Upper Paleolithic
+ssRNA10.9 Dreams Of Electricity And Ice
+ssRNA10.10 Expires In The Highlands


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