Talented Italian producer Mattia Saviolo lands on Umek’s label 1605 delivering a phenomenal ‘Until The End Part 1’ EP.

Time for another remarkable dark techno release, as usual, in UMEK’s label 1605, that is proud to present a new EP from talented Italian artist Mattia Saviolo who has already featured on other trendsetting labels such as Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek and Christian Smith’s Tronic.

The upcoming EP has been entitled ‘Until The End Part 1‘ and puts out two fresh marvelous tracks, perfectly made for peak time DJ sets.
Mattia Saviolo is someone who shares little personal info online and instead likes to let his music do the talking, as nothing in techno speaks louder than an exceptional track played at full volume.
1605 has focused heavily on the music of its label owner, but it’s equally focused on giving exposure to new artists destined for big things as UMEK understands it’s becoming harder and harder for talent not to get drowned out by the white-noise of things like social media.
Tracks description.
Track one “Lifelink” opens the EP with the thundering kick drum now synonymous with 1605. Slowly building with atmospheric suspense its gliding synths contrast nicely with the grinding bass stabs and bursts of explosive percussion. Very much a hard techno soundscape, this cinematic track is perfect for blissed out moments on the dance floor.
“Dispel” is the second track and it\’s a darker affair with fast-flowing synth rhythms and a pulsating bassline that combines nicely with the epic pads that add an emotive element. Leading towards the arpeggiated breakdown section, the second half lifts the intensity to levels that we all like.
UMEK’s label 1605 will put in OUT in digital formats Mattia Saviolo\’s  \’Until The End Part 1\’  the next friday june 19, 2020. Stay tunes and scroll down for full details.
Cover Artwork. 
Label: 1605
Artist: Mattia Saviolo
Title: Until The End Part 1
Release Date: Friday 19 June 2020
Format: Digital
CAT#: 1605249
01. Lifelink
02. Dispel

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