India’s emerging techno producer Stoked to release a strong \'Deeper Passion EP\' via Deep Therapy (incl. Loco & Jam Remix).

Meet Deep Therapy Records, a Canadian label established in 2014. Since then, has acquired, and continues to gain local, and even international notoriety; with much praise being raised as a result of the label’s delivery of an unparalleled musical experience.

For their next release, the label welcomes StoKed, one of the exciting artists emerging from India’s fledgling techno scene. He is presenting a new EP that has been entitled \’Deeper Passion\’, and features a remix from Irish duo Loco & Jam who are best known for their works on labels like Drumcode, Tronic and some of techno’s most recognized labels. 

In addition to Deep Therapy, StoKed has also featured on other labels including Steve Mulder\’s Orange Recordings and Durtysoxxx\’s Funk\’n Deep Records.

\”Deeper Passion\” opens the release with pitched tom drums, fizzing hi-hats and a pounding kick drum at the heart of its full throttle groove. Throwing in a healthy dollop of acid and some twisted vocals, it has all the ingredients needed to set the dance floor alight in a frenzy of peak time excitement.

Loco & Jam take a stripped back approach to their remix of \”Deeper Passion\” that focuses on the original\’s twisted vocal. Adding additional atmospherics and other hypnotic elements it’s still got the solid foundation needed to rock the dance floor, but does it in a more understated way than the ecstasy of the in your face original.

Closing the release is the gritty groove of the second original titled \”The People\” taking its name from the vocal sample. Slowly ramping up the tension with a series of drops that draw focus to the hard-hitting bottom end and kick drum, the track hits its peak with the euphoria introduced in the main break that morphs to become sinister and more intense as things unfold.

The official release date for this outstanding 3-track \’Deeper Passion EP\’ is set for June 26, 2020. Scroll down for full details. 

Cover Artwork. 

Label: Deep Therapy
Artist: StoKed
Title: Deeper Passion
Release Date: Friday 26 June 2020
Format: Digital
CAT#: DTR033


01. Deeper Passion
02. Deeper Passion (Loco & Jam Remix)
03. The People


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