Toni Dextor – Korten 003 (Incl. Shaleen Remix)

Just as we begin to wonder what the night holds for us, our new passenger passes a tape from the back seat to the front.

The time worn cover can only be kept from breaking apart and spreading all over the car with a high level of dexterity. Our driver slides the shiny translucent cassette into the deck that looks like a spaceship control centre and we all eagerly follow the rattling silence. With the first kick our spacecraft takes off and 4 hours later I find myself on a dancefloor with the desire to repeat this journey as soon as possible.

Track Listing.

  1. Forces
  2. Perplex
  3. Typ E (Shaleen Remix)
  4. Typ E

Artist. Toni Dextor
Title. Korten 003
Remixes by: Shaleen
Release Date : December 7th, 2021
Catalog Number KORTEN003
Label. Sektor Evolution

Pre order: Soon at Bandcamp

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