Ohm Series 4 (Soela, Stelios Vassiloudis, Dawn Razor, Semitone Cycles)

OHM Series is the premier series in discovering and sharing some of the world’s strongest dub techno sounds.

Side A begins the release with a breezy opening track by highly regarded and Berlin based artist, Soela. ’Fledgling’, is a perfect blend of tech and melodic chord highlights that every DJ appreciates in their hands to open a set. Next, we have Dawn Razor, who hails from Russia. ’Calm Storm’ is the perfect name for this uptempo foray into peak-time techno where unusual and exciting sounds balance a minimalistic banger that somehow rides a gentle wave of restfulness.

Side B features Greek producer Pvt. Vasquez (Alias of Stelios Vassiloudis) on the first track titled ’Live in Fear’. The un-nerving mechanical feel of this track is sure to turn some heads. It’s pronounced beat and constant dub-chord interference aggressiveness is turned up to level 10 in this epic piece creating a dancefloor monster. Lastly, ’Elusive’ is the contribution from Russian duo Semitone Cycles. Anton Lanski and Simon P offer the strongest builder on the EP. Well-placed sounds accentuate the catchiness of the track that just gets better and better with each play.

Veteran Icelandic but Copenhagen-based techno figurehead Bjarnar Jonsson, is the brains behind the Oh m Series.

Track Listing.

A1 Soela – Fledgling
B1 Stelios Vassiloudis – Live In Fear
A2 Dawn Razor – Calm Storm
B2 Semitone Cycles – Elusive

Artist. VA
Title. Ohm Series 4
Release Date : December 3rd, 2021
Catalog Number OHM4
Label. OHM series

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